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[edit] Sex Therapist (Zack Darowski)

Sex Therapist

[edit] General Overview

Sex therapists can be psychiatrists, marriage and family therapists, psychologists, or clinical social workers. The main key difference between those jobs listed and a sex therapist is sex therapists are specially trained in sex therapy methods beyond the minimal requirement for therapy [1] They have a great amount of knowledge about the physiological processes that are a part of human sexuality and are able to treat sex related problems much more accurately than that of a normal marriage or couples therapist [1].

[edit] Job duties and responsibilities

Sex therapists are trained to aid in various areas and problems regarding sex and sexuality. Sex therapy can include aiding in restoring or improving a couple’s sex life and helping to address questions or concerns about an individual’s sexuality[2] They are also trained to help individuals adjust sexually if they change their sexuality or gender and in rare cases, recommend a sex surrogate to enter and help the individual in the bedroom[2].

[edit] Typical workday

Sex therapists make their own hours as they work when they schedule clients, however, most work a typical 9am to 5pm workday, Monday to Friday. Overtime is not required but they may work overtime or unusual shifts at their own discretion. Their work setting is in their own office with no other employees other than a secretary [3]. They may customize their office to make them and their clients feel at ease and thus, their workplace setting is peaceful and personalized. The clients are those who seek professional help in the area of sex or their sexuality [3]. Either couples who need guidance or help with sexual problems or individuals who seek aid with personal problems regarding their sexuality. Typical topics of sessions can include talks on couple's rejuvenation on an emotional level, longer lasting orgasms, karma sutra positions and sex addiction. These sessions can including visual aids from images, videos and, in some cases, personal demonstration. No special tool or technologies are required to perform their duties[3].

[edit] Education requirements and other qualifications

To become a certified sex therapist (CST), you have to first complete a master's degree. The masters degree that is preferred is in mental health[2]. You can acquire this masters degree by completing a degree in social work, divinity, professional counseling, family and marriage therapy, psychiatry or psychology [2]. A completion of 90 hours of human sexuality training, 60 hours in sex therapy training, 10 hours in a Sexual Attitude Reassessment seminar, 50 hours in sex therapy sessions and an American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) membership is also required [2].

[edit] Related skills, interests, and abilities

Patience and good listening skills are crucial in hearing out the key problems of their clients to be able to help them. The ability to project a trustworthy persona to their clients to be able to gain their trust and open up to them. Their verbal communication is also key in being able to ask and phrase appropriate questions and comments to make their clients feel safe, relaxed and be able to trust their advice and comments[4].

[edit] Relevance of Psychology undergraduate degree

Courses on personality are relevant to sex therapy as personality discusses various personality types and how they act and interact with people and the space around them. As a sex therapist, if you are able to deduce what type of personality they have, you would be an to implement an appropriate method of approach and treatment that would benefit the client the most. Courses on human sexuality would be the most beneficial to a sex therapist, as you learn about all the different types of sexualities and genders known to the world and how they act and react sexually with others. No other courses would be more beneficial to a sex therapist.

[edit] Salary Potential

Service Canada reports that sex therapists, as well as family and marriage therapists, make on average of $20,000-49,999 a year (52.4% of therapists in Canada). While 16.5% make under $20,000 and 31.1% make above $50,000[5].

[edit] Job outlook

Service Canada confirms that the job outlook on sex therapists is good in the area. Sex therapy is a very specific type of therapy, therefore, demand will rarely drastically increase, however, the bigger the city, the more the demand for sex therapy due to population demands [6].

[edit] Notes and References

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[edit] To know more

For more broad and overall information on sex therapy and sex therapists, please visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_therapy

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