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Intellectual property rights as outlined by the Brock University Faculty Handbook, Course Calendar and other locations such as Brock's Social Media Guidelines.

Here is a list of Wikis on this server that use this license:

Ownership and use of information, assignments, ideas and other original content is outlined in both the Brock University Faculty Handbook and Course Calendar. These respective documents are each presented to Brock Students and Instructors when they begin their official relationship with Brock University. It is important to be cognizant of both documents as both documents inform and apply-to both parties.

The Brock University Faculty Handbook is found on-line at: www.brocku.ca/secretariat/handbook/. The section titled "OWNERSHIP OF STUDENT-CREATED INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY" can be found at www.brocku.ca/secretariat/handbook/fhb3.html#app

The Brock University Course Calendar is updated every year and contains a section on students' rights. The registrar has summarized this information and maintains a web site about students' rights at : www.brocku.ca/registrar/rights/.

It is in the interest of the University’s academic mission that every student adheres to the highest standards of scholarly integrity. As such, academic dishonesty is taken seriously: engaging in behaviours that are in breach of, or otherwise seek to abuse the University's academic policy will not be tolerated. More information about academic integrity can be found at www.brocku.ca/academicintegrity/.

Please be consistent with Brock’s brand. You should familiarize yourself with Brock’s Institutional Brand Identity Policy before posting Brock logos, images and content. Please don't use the Brock’s name, logos, marks or images to promote or endorse any product, cause or political party or candidate.

Additionally please consider the Brock University web site policies.

Perhaps Most importantly, please be respectful. Always respect the dignity of others and engage in civil and thoughtful discourse of opposing ideas. Post meaningful, respectful comments – don’t spam or make remarks that are off-topic or offensive. Always give people proper credit for their work and make sure you have the right to use something with attribution before you publish. Please be aware of your responsibility as a faculty or staff member to uphold Brock's Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy.

Lastly, some words on this Wiki are banned because of Spam concern, more information can be found here.

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