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Welcome to Brock University's common wiki server: kumu.

A wiki is a collaborative website with text and other media that can be directly edited asynchronously by anyone with access to it.

An Etherpad is a collaborative text-only document that can be edited in real-time by anyone with access to it.

The wikis hosted on this website span a wide variety of uses; some are closed sites used for specific courses that need a full-featured wiki while others are projects that are intended to be a collaboration between contributors across the internet and may have no association with a Brock University course. The majority of wikis are used for some combination of these two extremes.

The word Wiki is Hawaiian for quick. This server is named because Kumu is Hawaiian for teacher or starting place. Learn more about Wikis in education in our help wiki.

Anyone with access to any of the wikis on Kumu, Brock University's common wiki server, are encouraged to make use of the resources contained within these wikis and are encouraged to contribute wherever possible.

Public Wikis

Hosted by Brock University for its community and the broader internet. Track changes across all public wikis.

Semi-Private: Brock CAMPUS ID/Password Required

Some wikis allow new accounts to be created, others are closed to certain Brock University community members.

Private: Additional password required

These wikis require a "magic password" - simply put this is a password that can be shared beyond Brock University to create a private community that may not require a Brock University CAMPUS ID.

Sponsors of this wiki server and project

Brock University's common wiki server is a project of the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (formerly CTLET) in partnership with Dr. Barry Joe of the CPI/Digital Humanities, Dr. Tony DiPetta of Continuing Teacher Education and Matt Clare of the CPI/Interactive Arts and Sciences.

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