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Template:Infobox television Road Rules: X-Treme is the 13th season of the MTV reality television series, Road Rules, which takes a group of young people and places them on a series of quests and challenges to compete for prizes. X-Treme took place in South America, where the Roadies (contestants) competed in challenges throughout Chile and Argentina. Many of the contestants continued on with MTV, participating in the Real World as well as more Road Rules competitions and the newest version of these competitions, The Challenge.


[edit] Cast

[edit] Original Cast

Name Age Currently From Episode Count RW/RR Challenges
Danny Dias 20 Linden, NJ 1 - 6 The Gauntlet 2
Derrick Kosinski[1] 20[1] Chicago, IL[1] 1 - 17 Battle of the Sexes 2, The Inferno II, The Gauntlet 2, Fresh Meat, The Duel, The Inferno 3 (Won), The Island (Won), The Ruins (Won), Cutthroat
Ibis Nieves[2] 19 Weston, FL 1 - 10 Battle of the Sexes 2, The Gauntlet 2 (Won), The Ruins
Jodi Weatherton 18 Falls Church, VA 1 - 17 The Inferno II, The Gauntlet 2 (Won), The Duel (Won)
Kina Dean 19 Pennsville, NJ 1 - 8 Battle of the Sexes 2, The Gauntlet 2 (Won), The Duel
Patrick Maloney 20 Park Ridge, IL 1 - 17 None

[edit] Additional cast

Name Age Currently From Replaced Episode Count RW/RR Challenges
Nick Haggart 21 Detroit Lakes, MN Danny Dias 7 - 17 Battle of the Sexes 2
Angela Trimbur 22 Los Angeles, CA Kina Dean 9 - 17 Battle of the Sexes 2
Jillian Zoboroski 18 Coral Springs, FL Ibis Nieves 11 - 17 The Gauntlet 2, The Gauntlet III (Won), Fresh Meat II
  • Bold indicates the contestant was a finalist on the Challenge, but lost in the Final Race.

[edit] Tasks

# Challenge Result Notes
1 Volcano Bungee Completed
2 Waterfall Rappel Completed
3 Living Art Completed
4 Don't Have A Cow Failed
5 Hold On Completed
6 Blind Driving Failed Danny voted out; Nick replaces him.
7 Go Fetch Completed
8 Leap of Faith Failed Kina voted out; Angela replaces her.
9 Balance on Me Completed
10 Falling at Your Feet Failed Ibis voted out; Jillian replaces her.
11 Blind Leading the Blind Completed
12 Measure Up Completed
13 Face Off (Part 1) Completed
14 Face Off (Part 2) Completed
15 Stunt School Completed
16 Gondola Rescue Completed
17 Surprise Bridge Over Troubled Water Completed

[edit] Episode/Challenge Summaries

Episode 1: Volcano Bungee

In this episode you are introduced to 6 new roadies; Patrick, Derrick, Jodi, Danny, Kina and Ibis who will be living in an RV travelling and competing in X-Treme challenges and competitions to receive a variety of prizes. The first challenge has the roadies bungee jumping hundreds of feet out of a helicopter over one of the most active volcanoes in Chile, which is completed by all of the roadies.

Episode 2: Waterfall Rappel

This episode draws upon issues of homophobia and homosexuality making some of the roadies uncomfortable. In this challenge, the roadies must rappel down a waterfall in pairs of two reaching different checkpoints within time restraints. The roadies successfully complete their second mission.

Episode 3: Living Art

As this episode begins, Ibis is caring to Derrick's swollen knee and Patrick is talking about marriage. For this mission, the roadies must strip down to nothing, shave all of their body hair and paint the Road Rules logo on their bodies and stand in a store window for a designated period of time, facing humiliation, the roadies eventually complete the task moving onto their next mission.

Episode 4: Don't Have a Cow

Relationships are starting to build and fall apart between many of the cast mates. For this challenge, the roadies are paired up and must eat an entire plate of different parts of a cow within 5 minutes, including eyeballs, brains, tongue, glands, spleen, liver, kidney, intestines and other parts of a cow. Danny was unable to eat everything off of his plate in 5 minutes, therefore failing the mission for everyone.

Episode 5: Hold On!

With all of the cast drinking the night before their mission, Derrick is forced to receive blood testing for his alcohol levels and therefore is not allowed to participate in the next mission, in which roadies have to fly a stunt plane doing manoeuvres and drawing clues for a designated puzzle maker, Jodi to solve the clues. After completing this mission, Jodi unlocks a box revealing the reward is a trip to Europe for all of the roadies.

Episode 6: Blind Diving

For this challenge the roadies are given a clue to wear long pants and sneakers in which they are informed that they must all pass this mission or someone will be voted off. Teams will have to race in dune buggies' attempting to complete 9 laps under 20 minutes. Kina and Jodi manage to flip and crash the dune buggy therefore automatically failing the mission. With this the cast votes out Danny.

Episode 7: Go Fetch

While the RV being repaired, the roadies slept outside and woke up surrounded by flies. The newest roadie Nick joins to other roadies replacing Danny. For this mission, the roadies will be paired up and dressed in protective gear as they try to steal a dog bone from an attack dog. One will get attacked as the other tries to steal the bone from the dog house. The house mates struggle with a second secret dog hiding in the dog house but succeed in the end.

Episode 8: Leap of Faith

The episode begins with the roadies out parting within the city and receive the next clue for their upcoming mission. Each team will jump out of a helicopter into a lake trying to land on diamonds worth different point values, trying to reach a grand total of 40 points. On Nick's second last jump he only scores 3 points making it impossible for the roadies to reach 40, therefore failing another mission. A cliff-hanger ending occurs as the votes are tied and the episode ends without showing who was voted out.

Episode 9: Balance On Me

The episode continues with Kina being voted off and a new roadie Angela replacing her. This mission involves walking across a tight rope between two high rise buildings relying on one another's balance. Jodi takes the leadership role and leads the roadies to victory.

Episode 10: Falling At Your Feet

Tensions between Nick and Derrick continue growing. For another mission, the roadies are put into three teams in which the roadies must stand on a pillar attached to a truck, in which the roadies must land on their feet in a designated area when the truck pulls the train. After failing another mission the roadies decide to vote out Ibis over Nick.

Episode 11: Blind Leading The Blind

With Ibis being voted out, newest roadie Jillian replaces her. The guys are all over Jillian making the other girls jealous. This episodes mission requires the roadies to perform the tango in the air on a suspended stage, collecting style points. The roadies fly through this mission moving onto their next challenge.

Episode 12: Measure Up

Jillian and Patrick's relationship grows stronger and makes the rest of the roadies uncomfortable. While at a hotel gyms this mission required the roadies to collect sweat off of their bodies by working up a sweat in the gym facility. Starting a winning streak, the roadies win another mission.

Episode 13: Face Off

In the first part of a two part episode, the roadies learn that for their next challenge they will compete against Road Rules 12 cast members. The prize for this mission is $12,000 in which the mission is a variety of running challenges. From trying to catch chickens to learning karate moves, the cast suspend the mission until the following episode and take the night to get to know one another.

Episode 14: Face Off (2)

The final portion of this mission is a boxing component in which this seasons roadies end up taking the victory. The cast celebrate their $12,000 win and go out to party and celebrate.

Episode 15: Stunt School

With drama continuing, Angela wants to go home and the rest of the house tries to show her support and convince her to stay. For this mission, the roadies attend a Stunt School in which they learn how to complete different stunts that they will have to complete in a choreographed way to complete this mission. While watching their final product on the big screen, the instructors give the thumbs up, informing the roadies of their success.

Episode 16: Gondola Rescue

With Patrick and Jillian claiming their love for one another, the house seems to becoming closer to each other. For their second last mission, the roadies must rescue one of their teammates in a Gondola rescue style mission. The roadies must secure Patrick and climb across a rope from the Gondola to safety, again succeeding in completing their mission, moving onto their final mission.

Episode 17: Handsome Reward

For the final mission the remaining roadies are required to cross over two separate trick bridges to make it to the end. With arguments and struggles, the roadies manage to complete their last mission and are rewarded with tickets back to California and keys to their brand new cars, in which the cast is reunited in LA for the reunion show.

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