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IPE Labour and delivery Education Session Student Information Packet Please review the information on this wiki Please come prepared with your questions and we will do our best to answer them.

Information packet includes:

Ontario antenatal record$File/4293-64%200503.pdf$File/4294-64%200503.pdf

The College of Midwives website, has useful information for those interested in the specifics of midwifery legislation, especially the tab "about Midwifery"

"The Midwives" "Choice of Birthplace" and "Frequently Asked Questions" explain in every day language how midwives work.

SOGC statment on normal birth https: JOGC;current guidelines for fetal health surveillance, including the recommendation for continuous labour support (page 28) and intermittent auscultation for healthy, low-risk women (pages 28 to 32)

Active managemnt of 3rd stage of labour ( two documents)

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