Summer Institute 2014 PIF reports small group: Room Modernization and Lecture Capture

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Nick, Windsor PIF - $350 thou

  • Echo360 Lecture Capture
  • What challenge was to be examined: Wanted to upgrade classrooms, and longstanding demand to capture everything in the classroom and for distance sections of the same course.
  • 17 large lecture recording setups
  • Scheduled software system
  • On demand recording tool
  • Adding a few camera, but a lot of VC rooms already
  • Existing multi-campus/partner VC programs
  • Not renewing a lot of classrooms into VC
  • Echo360 comes with “Lecture Tools” with a software clicker solution
  • Self-hosting the system
  • Heat map on on video viewing stats - what section was most matched

Matt, Brock University

  • Limited use of LC/VC and synchronous eLearning
  • Matt just got placed on a room modernization committee and is curious about what others are doing
  • Kaltura viewing stats - frequency and length

Andre, St. Paul

  • 21/2 into Adobe Connect roll-out LC
  • Initiative to phase instructors into blended deliveries and more online eLearning courses
  • Small classes (20 or so)
  • Mixed delivery program in Cannon Law
  • Renewing the eLearning classes, learning lessons about camera placement (ie. students “fight” to get out of the pan of the classroom view camera)
  • Training materials and sessions on system
  • Challenges: capturing student audio in classroom (repeating questions, etc.)
  • Looking at Bb/Adobe connect video stats and learning about student behaviour

Denis (Enterprise Application…. )& Tina (Learning Services) York,

  • Moodle-based, large scale
  • Concern about VC etc. and accessibility

Phil, Dawson College, Quebec - A Curious observer

Common challenges:

  • Shifting medium of media (YouTube shown to students at distance though VC etc.)
  • Costs of AODA/WCAG 2 caption requirements
  • Managing Copyright information
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