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Summer Institute 2010 was held @ the University of Guelph from August 9-11, 2010.

(Meetings in Rozanski Hall 105 and 106

Confirmed 2010 Participant List


[edit] Agenda:

[edit] Day 1: August 9, 1pm-4pm

[edit] Welcoming Remarks from Peter Wolf (TSS Director, Guelph) and Richard Pinet

[edit] 2010 Institutional sharing roundtable

  • (triumphs & challenges this year)

[edit] Communication preferences

[edit] OCULL survey update, Karen Maki

[edit] Ontario Online Institute

  • What can our group do to provide guidance and feedback to MTCU, COU, HEQCO?[1] [2]
  • COU request re: [3][4]T&L resources

COU Submissions

[edit] Guelph Downtown Self-Guided Walking Tour

  • Dinner not provided, but company will be
  • Research and exploration of Guelph

Suggested Route

[edit] Day 2: August 10, 9-4

[edit] 9:30-11 Frank Nicholson, COU

[edit] 11-12 Alexander White & Meaghan Coker, OUSA

[edit] Lunch

[edit] Course Design Models

  • How can we ensure quality course content and delivery but embrace process-driven learning, where learners are motivated, self-directed co-creators of content. Open courses are commendable but are they scalable and institutionally supportable? We will be discussing the innovation that is happening at your institutions and beyond.


[edit] Breakout Groups

[edit] Dinner at Atmosphere Cafe

[edit] Day 3: August 11, 9am-12pm

[edit] Showcase of University-built educational software

  • U of G Curriculum Mapping software, PEAR peer review software
  • Carleton - BigBlueButton - open source synchronous web conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboard
    • Try it out:
    • We will discuss innovative ways of sharing/ licensing/ custom-built software within Ontario and/or Canada.
    • What would work? What are other institutions doing? Can we be strategic with our infrastructure and software development.

[edit] Aimée Morrison, U of Waterloo (Digital Humanities)

  • The intersection of humanities with technology is getting a lot of research attention.
  • What's happening in the field? What is happening at your institutions? How can we get more involved?

[edit] Conclusions & Next Steps

  • Discussion of Summer Institute 2011: Location, Timing, Hosts and Participants.

[edit] Notes and References

  1. Bates, Tony (2010) Designing research for the Ontario Online Institute.
  2. Jones, G. & Skolnik, M. (2009). Degrees of Opportunity: Broadening Student Access by Increasing Institutional Differentiation in Ontario Higher Education. Toronto: Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.
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