Spring Meeting 2014

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Meeting was held April 9, 2014 at University of Toronto


[edit] PIF Project Reports

[edit] 1. Carleton

Shared online teaching resources. Interviews of instructors of online/blended teaching. All on green screen and all available as unbranded open educational resources (OERs) http://carleton.ca/cuopen

[edit] 2. Laurier

Learning Outcomes Tracking PIF with 5 other partners – partner with Desire2Learn (D2L) to develop a way to track and assess student learning outcomes across programs. Linking assessments back up into course level objectives and aggregating data. e.g. Focus on assessment to outcomes, and outcomes to program level competencies. Use of D2L grade book (D2L has a competencies tool).

D2L enhancements for retention strategy. Use D2L analytics for retention strategies. Analytics tools to support faculty use. Target adoption rate of 50%. Geared to instructors at any level.

Campus Life for D2L – push out notifications to students – schedules, closures, etc.

[edit] 3. Ryerson

NCAT transformation project Funding 16 faculty projects. High impact on learning outcomes for low cost. Good principles to redesign to meet outcomes and use tech. Different ideas – flipped courses, enhance digitally, etc.

[edit] 4. Trent

Five skill modules. Content is in Blackboard.

  • 1. Academic integrity
  • 2. I am an online student
  • 3. Student success (read at U level, grammar, etc.),
  • 4. Professionalism (incl job search),
  • 5. Digital literacy for scholars (assessing docs online, etc.)

Webcasting from desktop using Panopto – integrates nicely into Blackboard. Not for reuse for other courses… Online instructors record in panopto, can record from wherever. Captions: Liberated Learning – good for lecture capture (80%) If a student requests access, they will capture for the student.

[edit] 5. Waterloo

Graduate skills development (McMaster lead on this. ) A MOODLE site with many modules . Sharable for group of 7 initially Certificate for grad student to show completion.

[edit] 6. Western

Graduate skills development modules Used Articulate Storyline for their modules Teaching support center and instructional tech support center and student support services

Western’s Active Learning Space – WALS Learning pods, whiteboards – (not SMARTboards) One laptop per table Need security – rolling chairs! IT person nearby

[edit] 7. Windsor

Funding for Echo360, for 15 largest classes. Variety of hardware set ups in classrooms. Focused on 25 largest and create blended models. Difficulties getting Echo360 to work as not standard tech (Carleton, UOIT, York, Trent)

[edit] 8. UTOronto

ALOR Project http://alor.onlinelearning.utoronto.ca

[edit] BC Campus Presentation

Thirty staff in two offices = lots of support. BC Campus does not fund/create content but works to get things going.

Premise that student loyalty to a single institution is changing. Student choices flipped around – students make programmatic choices based on job opportunities. 65% of students at SFU are employed during program.

Idea: Work beyond individually. Incremental build – collaboratively (including teach people about collaboration) Appeal – collaboration the stuff of colleges before – so this development fund was getting universities to buy in and promote faculty as drivers of innovation. Grassroots to network effectively for more success – to connect and support.

Many shared services List of shared services – some are there, some not, some change A minimum of 3 institutions have to agree before will be funded.

Intellectual Property You can own it. It’s your intellectual property – but open, reputations get more traction with open teaching materials.

Funding in 3 installments

  • 1 planning
  • 2 midterm report
  • 3 when final course/resources in provincial repository

Recommends fully open license from beginning.

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