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Alphabetically, here are updates from our Independent members

Crealock, Martha

Educational Development Work and Projects


University of Saskatchewan Contract

  • My contract at the Gwenna Moss Teaching and Learning Centre at the University of Saskatchewan ended. I took a trip around the world and moved back home to Kitchener-Waterloo. I am not working full time, but I am not sure I would call myself "semi-retired".
  • One of the U Sask 3M Fellows has approached me about co-presenting with him at STLHE in Toronto about our "Teaching in Canada" discussion group with and for internationally educated faculty.

ISW in Beijing

  • A group of eight English professors from Beijing JiaoTong University did an extended ISW at the Gwenna Moss Centre with significant observations of Canadian university teaching.
  • They invited me to their university in China December 2008 where I did some undergraduate and graduate teaching and follow-up on their ISW learning. We did some work comparing the use of educational technology in western vs. Chinese classrooms, and I gave a workshop on engaging teaching and participatory learning.
  • In my classroom visits and interviews with professors and students, I deepened my understanding of the Chinese culture of education (Confuscianism, history of teacher-centred instruction, an atmosphere of high government expectations and rigid, dictated, inflexible curricula).

Dence, Carole

Higher Education Research and Projects


University of Ottawa Contract

At the end of August I completed my contract as Director of the Centre de p├ędagogie universitaire/Centre for University Teaching at the University of Ottawa. I am once again semi-retired and working as an independent educational developer.

3M Fellowship Nomination Consulting

  • workshops and individual consulting with nominators and nominees engaged in preparing 3M Fellowship submissions.
  • session on this topic at the STLHE conference in Fredericton

Research Project Contract (for the Associate Vice-President Teaching and Learning, U of O) An examination of institutional policies and procedures for valuing and rewarding teaching in Canadian universities. Specifically I am looking for examples of policies and procedures which indicate that the university has operationalized a commitment to quality teaching in concrete institutional practices. A few examples include:

  • annual reviews of teaching performance based on multiple measures (peer evaluation, student evaluation, self-evaluation).
  • teaching dossier required of all faculty as part of all performance reviews (annual, tenure, promotion, etc.)
  • training required for Deans, Chairs, and committees who are called upon to evaluate teaching dossiers, student and peer assessments,etc. for purposes of hiring, promotion, tenure/permanence.
  • institutional support to attend conferences devoted to excellence in teaching
  • acceptance of projects related to teaching for sabbatical leaves
  • obligatory training in teaching practices for professors with little or no teaching experience.
  • obligatory training for Teaching Assistants
  • etc.

If you have an interest in this topic, please contact me at

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