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The WIKousta Wiki, being a collaborative exegesis of John Richardson's Wacousta, or, The Prophecy; A Tale of the Canadas (1832)

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The WIKousta wiki is designed to use collective brainpower to collaboratively map out John Richardson’s 'Wacousta'. This is a large and complicated text with a nuanced history in the field of Canadian literature. This Wiki is intended to help readers understand the text and its features with greater clarity. This project was created by the students enrolled in ENGL 2F62 Contact in Canadian Literature at Brock University in summer 2020 (Professor Gregory Betts). It is given over to the wider community as a resource available to be modified, updated, and extended.

[edit] Sections:


The Author


The Language

The Text

The Characters

The Narrator

The Plot, Volume 1

The Plot, Volume 2

The Plot, Volume 3

Themes and Frames for Consideration

The Genres


Making Contact


Credits and Citations



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