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From What can you do with a degree in psychology?

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What Can You Do With a Degree in Psychology?

Topic Listing

Abraham, Lydia - Registered Marriage and Family Therapist

Alton, Dylan - Marketing Director

Ashton, Catherine - Crisis Counsellor

Barlow, Meaghan Elizabeth - Criminal profiler

Beheshtian, Sara - 911 Operator

Berwick, Brandon - Firefighter

Brocklebank, Samantha - Holistic Nutritionist

Brown, Melissa - Probation Officer

Bufalino, Rebecca - Art Therapist

Burrus, Nichole - Military Social Workers

Buy, Meaghan - Bereavement Counsellor

Byers-Lane, Bradon - Ontario Police Officer

Carlo-Armstrong, Jacyn - Public Relations

Charlebois, Mikaela - Behaviour Analyst

Colasanzio, Jesse Adam - Speech Language Pathologist

Cole, Rachel - Special Education Teacher

Culbert, Kayla - Family Therapist

Darowski, Zack - Sex Therapist

D,N - Settlement Worker

Doucette, Karley - Mental Health Nurse

Duhaney, Chanel - Psychiatric Rehab Worker

Dupuis, Peter - Firefighter

Duross, Jennifer - Social Worker

Eaton, Tamscin - HR Manager

Ewasiuk, George - Criminal Court Judge

Fielder, Nichole - Mental Health / Substance Abuse Case Worker

Fitzpatrick, Ryan - Family Counsellor

Gahunia, Gagan Singh - Genetic Counsellor

Ganan, Leslie - Elementary School Teacher

Habibulla, Shameena - Career Advisor

Hanna, Fady Botrous - Community Worker / Organizer

Heersink, Nicole - Sport Psychologist

Hopkins, Alexandra - Social Service Worker

Huggins, Tasha - Strategic Relationship Marketer

Jopson, Lynsay - Personal Support Worker

Joseph, Nicole - Animal Trainer

Kreller, Alana Margaret - Occupational Therapist

Kuhathaas, Varenya - Mental Health Counselor

Lea, Amanda Lynn - Customs Agent

LePine, Melissa Lynn - Librarian

Looby, Samantha - Event Coordinator

Macmillan, Ainsley Katherine - Therapeutic Recreationist

Marfil, Princess - Addictions Counsellor

Maruzin, Dakota - RCMP Officer

Mccreight, Katie - Post Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Specialist

McNelis, Ailish Marie - Court Advocate for Children

Miller-Black, Casandra - CSIS Surveillant

Muir, Janelle - Autism Behaviour Therapist

Oosterhoff, Andrew - Forensic Pathologist

Potts, Michelle - Child Welfare Worker

Ravinthiran, Dinogy - Animal Assisted Therapist

Robinson, Stephanie - Parole Officer

Rotundo, Matthew - Criminal Lawyer

Schaap, Maddy - Project Management

Sidhu, Manraj Kaur - Travel Consultant

Sormaz, Julia Rose Marie - Youth Mental Health Worker

Stevens, Brooke - Sexuality Educator

Stevenson, Spencer Richard - Child and Youth Yorker

Summerhill, Lyndsay - Talent Acquisition Manager / Recruiter

Tawfiq, Karam Bassam - Residence Life Coordinator

Thornton, Amanda - Corrections Officer

Tomescu, Julia - Realtor

Tweney, Joann Lyn - Psychometrist

Van Bilsen, Joe - Volunteer Coordinator

Viveros, Dominic - Psychometrist

Wesson, Aimee - Market Research Analyst

Whitton, Jordan - Canadian Border Services Officer

Wingrove, Joel - Funeral Director

Winstanley-Pettinato, Miles - Group Home Worker

Yap, Andrew - Journalist

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