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[edit] Job Title (Samantha Looby)

Event Coordinator

[edit] General Overview

Event Coordinators focus on planning and organizing the details for social activities. These events include corporate parties, team building socials, fundraising programs, public relations activities and developing sponsorships to name a few (Job Bank, 2015). The event coordinator begins by developing a vision with the client, and continues to oversee details and manage a team during the event. Therefore, it is beneficial for the coordinator to establish and maintain interpersonal relationships over time (O*Net).

[edit] Job Duties and Responsibilities

Specific duties include meeting with clients to determine objectives for the event prior to the desired date. Coordinators much choose the event space that is appropriate for the theme and the number of people attending, taking into consideration the size, price and appropriateness of the location. Inspecting the facility is necessary to ensure they meet the standards of the client, in which case it is important to confer with staff at chosen site to coordinate the details (O*Net, 2015). Budgets must be established and monitored before and during the course of the event, it is also the Event Coordinator's job to review and approve all payments being made. If there is any audio-visual equipment required, transportation needs to be arranged for the pick up, drop off and set up. The coordinator is also in charge of gathering any displays needed for the venue. During the event, the coordinator is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly, overlooking staff on their designated duties and assisting any concerns that arise.

[edit] Typical Workday

Day-to-day responsibilities differ with little consistency between jobs, weeks, or events. According to Lou Ann Dun, Owner of Artful Parties in Salina Kansas, a lot of time is spent in the office preparing for upcoming events, and returning e-mails and phone calls (Chron, 2015). She receives e-mails from vendors who want to showcase their space, she determines the floor plans, arranges for catering, negotiates agreements with suppliers or the facility and creates a budget to remain within after all has been considered. Out of office work may involve running event related errands (Chron, 2015) relaying information to supervisors, co-workers or a subordinate, photographers, caterers, florists etc. to make sure everyone on the team has a common objective and understands the outline. Tiffany Klein, an Event Coordinator for Rosecrest Special Events says that when she is not catering to an event she is searching through magazines, the Internet and attending restaurants, museums and boutiques for decorating and vendor ideas. Going through last minute details to make sure everything runs smoothly from beginning of the event to the final stage. And setting up client meetings to get a proper understanding of what the event holder is looking for and being able to create that vision is an important and favorite part of her job (Chron, 2015).

According to O*Net Online http://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/13-1121.00 Respondents in this occupation report the following in day-to-day interactions


[edit] Educational Requirements and other Qualifications


According to O*Net Online http://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/13-1121.00 Of the responses that were collected, the above graph indicates the number of people in current Meeting, Convention and Event Coordinator positions, who have obtained a Bachelors degree from University, an Associate’s degree, or some college to no degree at all. The majority of employees (48%) obtained a bachelors degree in any field from a university. From the Government of Canada Job Bank http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/jobposting.do?searchstring=event+coordinator+&action=Searc current listed positions for Event Coordinators require completion of college/ CEGEP/vocational or technical training; Completion of University. However no certificates, licenses, memberships, courses etc. were required to be completed for the listed position. 3-5 years experience was preferred in special event areas but this job ad did not specify the type of position the applicant held in their previous experience.

[edit] Related skills, interests, and abilities

Being an active listener is important such as, listening to what people say, understanding the points being made, asking appropriate questions and intervening at appropriate times. Strong interpersonal skills are important to convey information effectively and confidently. Critical thinking skills help when logic is needed to weigh the strength and weaknesses of alternative solutions or approaches to problems. Reading comprehension, time management, coordination, service orientation, social perspectives, judgment and decision making and monitoring are also required.

[edit] Relevance of Psychology Degree

An important part of the undergraduate psychology degree offered at Brock University was a mandatory Critical Thinking course offered in Third year. This class presents students with different peer-reviewed articles to analyze techniques used and provide alternative methods to their research. The class provides students with the skills to think critically about real life examples, exercising their approach to overcome obstacles they may be presented with in the stages of planning. Personality and Individual Differences is a second year course offered at Brock examining a wide range of personality types, their associated behaviours and commonalities among people. Understanding behaviour based on personality types is crucial when dealing with clients and producing a vision for their dream event. This skill will help manage the detailed oriented extraversion who has a perfect image of their ideal event, for example, and how to approach them, how to please them and maintain equilibrium during the event. This course, amongst other psychology courses will benefit in managing staff and using appropriate authoritarian techniques to do so. Psychology teaches people appropriate ways to direct the behaviour of others in efficient ways while maintaining authority and respect, and keeping a balanced working environment.

[edit] Salary potentials

According to O*Net Online, a median salary of $46,260 is obtained yearly for Event Coordinators. Job Bank estimates a yearly minimum of $30,000 to a maximum of $40,000 for 40.0 hours per week of work. This is based on a specific job posting in Orillia Ontario.

[edit] Job Outlook

Over the past few year, the number of event coordinators has increased due to the demand in conferences and promotional events held by many companies. According to Service Canada, the number of Event and Conference Coordinators is expected to continue increasing, however at a slower rate than seen in the past. Go to http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/qc/job_futures/statistics/1226.shtml for more information.

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