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[edit] General overview

The role of a Strategic Relationship Manager is to develop and maintain relationships and partnerships with organisations outside of their own in order to support a firm’s organisational and business development objectives. This position involves using company resources in order to reach objectives such as market shares, annual sales and profitability goals. This role involves evaluating customer research, market conditions, and competitor data in order to make changes to marketing plans if necessary. It should be expected to work alongside other Strategic Marketers to create and implement company related developments such as sales related market, product and promotion information and training programs to support sales efforts.


[edit] Job duties and responsibilities

Responsibilities and expectations of this role include but are not limited to:

  • Providing quality service
  • Preparing and gathering the appropriate quantitative data in order to develop annual analyses of the strategic marketing plan portfolio
  • Providing routine and up-to-date guidance on the use of policies and procedures for engaging with any of the previously related partnerships
  • Overseeing international relations in terms of interactions and developments and ensure policies are being followed in concordance with the objectives of the organisation
  • Identifying any potential new relationships or opportunities for new partnerships/collaborations
  • Maintaining current partnerships and collaborations by brokering new arrangements and establishing the appropriate management arrangements for the duration of the partnership
  • Developing systems to effectively maintain and keep track of information of all existing relationships that provide information on their current status and activities, including their relevance to the company’s organisational strategy, the leadership team and other key managers


[edit] Typical workday

Typical work weeks are 40-43 hours and an average work day involves meeting with other managers in the organisation, key managers at other firms for prospective partnerships and key managers in current partnerships. (Information retrieved from: CIMA Global, 2013)

[edit] Educational requirements and other qualifications

Educational requirements: A university degree in Business Administration, Marketing, Communication or any other related courses [3]

[edit] Experience:

  • Minimum 5 years of account and sales management experience
  • Several years working in an environment of complex inter-organisation operations
  • Previous work experience at a senior level within an education or research context and asset
  • Previous experience of collaborating with individuals and coordinating their efforts
  • Previous experience working with and influencing senior managers and academics


[edit] Related skills, interests, and abilities


  • Communication, facilitation and interpersonal skills
  • The ability to negotiate, influence, network and use diplomacy
  • A strong ability to communicate complex information clearly
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Solve problems by using initiative, applying creativity, and developing innovative solutions
  • The ability to lead, influence and motivate others
  • The ability to organize and manage a variety of projects, deadlines


[edit] Relevance of Psychology undergraduate degree

Skills gained from an academic background in Psychology may be helpful in this field as it involves a lot of interpersonal communication, developing effective strategies for reaching company objectives and presenting information and proposals to other prospective organisations in ways that are creative and persuasive. Knowledge about Consumer Psychology may be beneficial for this job as it relates to applying relevant advertising or sales skills by. This understanding can be developed through the Applied Cognitive Psychology course at Brock University. Other courses offered in Psychology that may be applicable to this field are Personality and Individual Differences and Critical Thinking. Personality and Individual Differences may be beneficial in order to gain knowledge about how different personality types respond in different situations, and as a Strategic Relationship Manager, it is important to be sensitive about other people’s personality types and effective ways to communicate with them. Critical Thinking is also helpful to take as it provides critical thinking skills and knowledge about how to effectively organize a project from start to finish with a group of people.

[edit] Salary potential

$47,394 – $71, 980 [6]

[edit] Job outlook

Strategic and relationship management job types have grown 2.1% from 2001 to 2009. There have been approximately 14,500 jobs added annually between 2001 and 2009. There is continual growth expected for new jobs in this sector and there is an expected high turnover and retirement rate which predicts a vacancy rate of over 80,000 jobs per year.


[edit] To know more

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