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[edit] Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network (WEPGN)

Welcome to the Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network's (WEPGN) The Big Questions Wiki!

This purpose of this wiki is to provide a platform for members of the Water Economics, Policy and Governance Network (WEPGN) to build on conversations around key questions that Network seeks to address, as well as to share information on research progress in the lead up to the Network’s 2014 AGM.

[edit] Essays: The Big Questions

To facilitate conversation, four “thought pieces” have been commissioned on four key questions and are posted below for member’s to review, interact with and provide feedback on. Please leave all feedback under the "Comments" section followed by your signature.

[edit] Question 1: How can water’s contribution to the well-being of the Canadian economy, society and ecosystems be enhanced?

Essay 1

[edit] Question 2: How can knowledge of communities' experiences with water challenges contribute to improved governance processes that better serve local constituents?

Essay 2

[edit] Question 3: What are the features of institutions and governance processes that enable efficiency, effectiveness, and equity?

Essay 3

[edit] Question 4: How can the transmission and uptake of scientific information in decision-making be improved?

In lieu of an essay, question 4 will be addressed by a brief presentation at the AGM to frame the discussion of this question.

[edit] Research Summaries

The following research summaries have been posted for members to learn about the research their colleagues are undertaking.

[edit] Afternoon Discussion: Background material for WEPGN Phase II Planning and HQP KM Micro-financing program

Hi, folks:

The two documents that are posted in this section serve two different purposes. The HQP microfinancing plan has been approved by the Board and we are 'rolling out' the announcement at the AGM. Thus, this is for your (and your HQPs) information.

On the other hand, the Phase 2 planning document has not been approved by the Board. We are seeking your input on a variety of issues outlined in the document. We will revise the document after the AGM and then take it to Board for approval.



[edit] 2014 AGM Information

Follow the link for further details about the AGM, such as the agenda, parking instructions, maps and FAQ.

2014 AGM Information

[edit] Wiki Info

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Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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