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Top Ten New Faculty "Need-to-Know"s

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10 F ‘n P – the anatomy of a course.

9 How are final grades calculated at Brock University?

8 Thursday is Monday at the end of the term

7 ET & AV – who to call, when to call.

6 Know what your $ limits are for phone, fax, photocopying, printing, postage, marking/grading.

5 Check out your teaching space before you teach there (& see #7!).

4 Check out your course resources (reserve readings, course texts, LMS, course packs) before the first class (then see #7 or #6, if necessary).

3 Your students are at least as scared as you are…..and working just as hard to look cool, sophisticated, and confident.

2 Boundaries – set them; keep them.

1 If you mess up, ‘fess up (ie., own your mistakes).

Bonus – you teach who you are; be reflective.

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