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Types of Assessment

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[edit] Pre-assessment

This is done before any instruction takes place and involves evaluating the students' existing knowledge on the different topics to be covered during the course. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess students' current knowledge or skills in order to discover areas that should receive the most attention.

[edit] Formative Assessment

This takes place during the course. It is used to assess a part of the course (a section or subsection), or after you have covered one of the objectives. Formative assessment allows you and your students to identify areas that might require additional work or to verify how well you have attained your objectives so far. Formative assessment is done for purposes of review and revision.

[edit] Summative Assessment

This takes place once you have covered all the material in the course. Your measurement should include different types of evaluation (see the following section for an explanation of the different types of instruments). This assessment enables you to judge the success of your instructional strategies once the course is completed and to evaluate the possible need for modification of the content, strategies or objectives related to your course.

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