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TA Certificate

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You can learn more about the Brock University/CTLET's TA Certificate at

TAs should be encouraged by their supervisors to attend workshops offered by their department and/or the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies. The Centre offers a workshop program for TAs: completion of 8 workshops throughout the academic year earns the TA a certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Completion of 16 workshop credits and a statement of teaching philosophy earns an Advanced certificate. Workshops offered by the Centre include topics such as rights and responsibilities of TAs, leading effective seminars, being an effective lab demonstrator, facilitating discussion, evaluating and grading exams, motivating students, and working with international students.

A TA Guide to Teaching at Brock is also available through the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Educational Technologies. The guide gives tips on leading seminars and labs and provides a list of suggestions and strategies for dealing with problematic situations.

The Centre also offers an intensive three day Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) which provides opportunities for TAs to practice and develop their instructional skills in a small group setting. TAs receive verbal, written and video feedback on their teaching. More information can be found at

Despite the importance of the centralized TA workshop program offered by the Centre, it needs to be emphasized that the training of TAs should also be the responsibility of the department, and thereby, of the individual faculty member. The Centre will also work with departments and faculty to devise specific workshop sessions for their TAs.

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