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Promotion and Tenure

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[edit] CTLET and BUFA: Promotion and Tenure

[edit] Organization

  1. “slim” folder plus 3 binders
  2. Folder contains application, letter of application, CV, overall table of contents
  3. Binders divided into Research, Teaching and Service; each binder has a table of contents

[edit] Contents of each “container”

[edit] Folder

  1. Application form – and eventually the required internal letters and required external letters (for appointments after July 1, 2008 and/or applications for promotion to full professor)
  2. Letter of application which refers to Article 21 and specific examples and their location in the binders
  3. CV in the required Brock University format
  4. Overall table of contents for each binder
  5. Possible extra Executive Summary sheet (of CV)

[edit] Teaching

  1. Table of contents
  2. Philosophy of teaching – suggested
  3. Blank evaluation of teaching form
  4. Summary of evaluation of teaching scores (charts helpful!) and summary of anecdotal comments (all or none)
  5. Examples of teaching practices (course outlines, innovative assignments and/or forms of assessment, effective pedagogies/instructional strategies) #provide context for reading the examples.
  6. Evidence of professional development in teaching
  7. Evidence of scholarship of teaching
  8. Letters of support, solicited, students & colleagues
  9. Letters/evidence of support, unsolicited, students & colleagues (*selective)
  10. Summary of courses taught and students supervised (G/UG)

[edit] Service Binder

  1. Summary of campus committee service – departmental, Senate, BUFA, campus wide (indicate chair or member).
  2. Summary of discipline specific service – reviewing, editorial boards, conference co-ordination …
  3. Summary of off-campus community connections with relevance to Brock University vision, job extension/expectation, teaching or scholarship

[edit] Research Binder

  1. Table of contents
  2. Philosophy of research/scholarship or approach to research/scholarship (suggested)
  3. Examples of applicable forms of research as listed in Article 21 (selectivity encouraged); context comments should refer to scope of scholarship and impact of scholarship with disciplinary appropriate evidence (follow up chart or executive summary encouraged)
  4. Grants and funding and their relationship to forms of research
  5. Letters from scholars in the field (*internal and external suggested)
  6. Unsolicited letters from scholars in the field
  7. Examples of dissemination not covered in Article 21
  8. Accepted articles
  9. Submitted articles

[edit] Things to consider

  1. Charts, summaries
  2. Context
  3. Coherence
  4. Ease of reading (ambiguity and fine motor considerations)
  5. Selectivity (quality/quantity)
  6. Internal precision and consistency

[edit] Additional Resources

  • Seldin (1984) Court Challenges to Tenure, Promotion, and Retention Decisions. Idea Paper No. 12. Kansas University
  • Process For Tenure Applications. Collective Agreement Between Brock University and the Brock University Faculty Association
  • (2006) Peer Review of Teaching Project. University of Nebraska- Lincoln
  • (2002) University Committee On Promotions And Tenure
  • Application For Promotion and/Or Tenure
  • Reis (2005) Ten Commandments Of Tenure Success. Tommorrow’s Professor
  • Smith. Publishing Your Teaching For Tenure and Promotion. University of Windsor
  • Gelmon & Kippenhan. Promotion, Tenure, and The Engaged Scholar: Keeping the Scholarship of Engagement In The Review Process
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