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A Wiki for everyone who teaches at Brock

The content of this wiki is intended to be a resource for everyone who teaches at Brock University, and perhaps anyone teaching in higher education.

Please feel free to make use of these resources and contribute where you can.

Top Ten Articles of 124 Articles

  1. Main Page ‎(20,544 views)
  2. Teaching Methods and Strategies ‎(12,808 views)
  3. Teaching Methods And Strategies ‎(9,509 views)
  4. Services and Resources Available at CPI ‎(9,496 views)
  5. Learning Commons ‎(9,288 views)
  6. Seven Principles of Universal Instructional Design (UID) ‎(8,912 views)
  7. Educational Technology at Brock ‎(6,974 views)
  8. Recording and Reviewing Teaching ‎(6,911 views)
  9. Assessment and Evaluation ‎(6,539 views)
  10. Evaluation of Teaching ‎(6,484 views)


The CPI has Workshops for instructors, teaching assistants and graduate students. Basic and advanced certificates in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education are awarded for participation in the workshop programs. Three-day Instructional Skills Workshop are available three times a year.


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