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[edit] Instruction

HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET THERE? Select or develop learning activities that reflect the principles of active learning.

  • How will they acquire the content, ie., the necessary information and ideas?
  • What kinds of "doing" and/or "observing" experiences do they need? Can you create "rich learning experiences" that allow students to learn multiple things simultaneously?
  • What kinds of reflective dialogue will help them make sense of the content and connect it to their own lives? Can you develop multiple forms of such dialogue, e.g., 1-minute papers, weekly journals, end-of-term learning portfolios?

[edit] General Guidelines for Effective Teaching

[edit] Seven Principles of Universal Instructional Design (UID)

[edit] Teaching Methods and Strategies

[edit] Lecturing
[edit] Discussions
[edit] Other Strategies

[edit] Motivating Students

[edit] Creating a Supportive Learning Environment
[edit] Learning Styles

[edit] Evaluation of Teaching

[edit] Working with Teaching Assistants

[edit] TA Certificate
[edit] Graduate Student Supervision
[edit] Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum

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