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Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum

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The Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum is a self-directed program of professional development in university teaching. The practicum consists of a number of components that together reflect growth as a facilitator of student learning. The practicum is documented within a teaching dossier.

Each graduate student participating in the program is to compile a teaching dossier that provides evidence of participation, reflection and assessment in each selected practicum component. The dossier will include a statement of teaching philosophy and a contextual narrative or framework that describes the practicum pieces. The dossiers submitted to the CTLET are assessed for breadth and depth. Although assessment is a necessary part of the practicum process, the CTLET will work with each and every student to ensure a successful practicum wherever possible.

Workshops are offered each term on issues of interest to graduate student teaching assistants. Each workshop attended can be applied to meet the requirements of the GTA Practicum or the TA Certificate in Teaching and Learning.

For more information contact Jill Grose at ext. 4392

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