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CPI welcomes you to Teaching & Learning at Brock University
CPI welcomes you to Teaching & Learning at Brock University


This publication is dedicated to all “teachers” at Brock University, whether new to the institution or veteran faculty members. While the Brock Centre for Pedagogical Innovation provided the initiative for the compilation of this handbook, the first edition, published in 1994, was the result of a collaborative effort undertaken by the Centre and a number of Brock faculty and program staff committed to faculty development at our institution.

Please follow the links to the respective components of the guide below or contact the Centre for Pedagogical Innovation (formerly CTLET) about a full print copy.

Teaching in Higher Education

  1. Instruction
    1. General Guidelines for Effective Teaching
    2. Seven Principles of Universal Instructional Design (UID)
    3. Teaching Tips
    4. Teaching Methods And Strategies
    5. Motivating Students
    6. Creating a Supportive Learning Environment
  2. Best Practices for the Evaluation of Teaching
  3. Working with Teaching Assistants
    1. TA Certificate
    2. Graduate Student Supervision
    3. Graduate Teaching Assistant Practicum
  4. Educational Technology at Brock
    1. Web Services
    2. Sakai/Isaak
    3. Wikis
    4. Phrase-Matching Software (eg.

Your Professional Development

  1. Services and Resources Available at CPI
  2. Developing a Teaching Dossier
  3. Developing a Philosophy of Teaching Statement

Additional Resources

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