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  • ACE Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs
  • ACT Animal Care Technician
  • ACTG Accounting
  • ACUC Animal Care and Use sub-Committee
  • ADED Adult Education
  • AEC Aboriginal Education Council
  • AHSC Applied Health Sciences (Faculty of)
  • APC Academic Program Committee
  • APLS Applied Language Studies
  • AQ Additional Qualifications
  • ARC Academic Review Committee
  • ARRF Advanced Replacement or Retiring Faculty
  • BEARS Brock's former institutional on-line Gradebook
  • BCHM Bio Chemistry
  • BIOL Biology
  • BIRT Brock University’s On-Line Student Registration System
  • BOPPPS Lesson model used in the ISW workshops the CTLET facilities
  • BRAG Best Practices Recognition Advisory Group
  • BTEC Bio Technology
  • BUFA Brock University Faculty Association
  • BUFB Brock University Faculty Board
  • BUFS Brock University Film Series
  • BUSAC Brock University Students’ Administrative Council
  • BUSU Brock University Students’ Union
  • CACUSS Canadian Association of College and University Student Services
  • CAD Committee of Academic Deans
  • CANA Canadian Studies
  • CAP Committee on Academic Policy
  • CATI Community Adventure Training Initiative
  • CCCP Committee on Computing & Communications Policy
  • CCOVI or OEVI Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute
  • CDC Campus Development Committee
  • CDH Centre for Digital Humanities
  • CHEM Chemistry
  • CHSC Community Health Sciences
  • CHYS Child and Youth Studies
  • CLAS Classics
  • COSC Computer Science
  • CPCF Communication, Popular Culture and Film
  • CTLET Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Educational Technologies
  • CUB Central Utilities Building
  • CUPE Canadian Union of Public Employees
  • CURA Community University Research Alliance
  • DART Dramatic Arts
  • DBBROCK Database Brock
  • DCB Declining Cash Balance (Food Services)
  • EASL English as a Second Language
  • ECON Economics
  • EDUC Education
  • EFAP Employee and Family Assistance Plan
  • EH&S Environment, Health and Safety
  • ENGL English Language and Literature
  • ERSC Earth Sciences
  • ETAG Educational Technology Advisory Group
  • FHB Faculty Handbook
  • FOE Faculty of Education
  • FREN French
  • GB General Brock Store
  • GBLS Great Books/Liberal Studies
  • ISW Instructional Skills Workshop
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