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[edit] Temporary Employment Services at Brock

Welcome to the TES Wiki Page. This page is password protected and only Brock TES employees have access to view this page. We welcome TES employees to collect, share, and distribute information to one another. It is also a tool for HR to share any updated policies, procedures, and resources for TES employees.

We encourage you to share any resources you feel others may find useful and beneficial while on a TES assignment.

[edit] How can I add to the Wiki?

  • To make edits, simply click edit on the right hand side
  • To add a heading, place equals (=) signs before and after the title of your heading
  • To create bullets for lists, place an asterix symbol in front of the sentence you wish to start a list with and continue placing an asterix for each point
  • If you would like to refer to a different page by adding a link , click the hyperlink icon (globe icon). Copy and paste the link you wish to refer readers to.
  • Please note, you must click Save Page in order to save your changes. Otherwise all changes will be lost.
  • For more information, please refer to Wiki Editing Cheat Sheet

[edit] OSSTF

Should you ever have any questions about union membership, salary, benefits, pension, or TES in general please refer to the OSSTF Collective Agreement.

[edit] Resources

  • Brock's Interactive Campus Map

This Campus Mapprovides directions around campus, as well as an index of locations to help you navigate to various locations throughout the University. It is also a great tool to share with visitors to Brock.

  • Pay dates & Contract System

Please refer to the Human Resources Payrollpage to learn more about pay dates, timesheet submission deadlines, as well as training on how to enter and approve contracts and timesheet authorizations.

  • Financial Forms and Related Documents

Instructions on how to enter cheque requisitions, travel expense forms, purchase requisitions, etc. can be found on the Finance page Forms, Memos, and Related Documents

  • Scheduling & Timetabling

For information on scheduling and timetabling, please refer to Faculty and Staff Resources

  • Accessing Emails

To access your email from a remote location, login to Brock's Outloook Web App

  • Parking Options

Instead of buying term or annual parking passes, punch passes are available which can be beneficial when on shorter assignments. Please refer to Parking

  • Brock University Services

Here is a useful listing of University Services from A -Z

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[edit] Getting started

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