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I was wanting to edit the page of Laurier Brantford and talk about their library. Sarah Hardman (talk) 6:00PM, 4 November, 2012

Great idea. You're ahead of the curve. Anyone else? - GForsythe (talk) 10:00AM, 5 November, 2012

I will be editing the page for Coors Light (Chad Gale

I will be editing (sb11vq)

I'm so confused.

I edited 3 other groups topics: white wine, Jake Gold, and Coors Light...I hope I did it right and put what the prof is looking for. Did my best!

I am editing Kyle Leavers

[edit] Getting the hang of wiki-speak

Ann and I are editing the page on Jake Gold. We've found some reference material on the web as have others. That hasn't been too difficult. What has been a bit of struggle is learning the language of wiki. I'm talking about all ways to point people to other pages within the broader wiki and other websites as well as the way to reference material. It's been a real process of trial and error.

  • This has really helped me with the process of understanding formatting and such! Hope it helps! [[1]]
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