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Coors Light is a light beer produced by the Coors Brewing Company and is the second best-selling beer in the U.S. It was first produced in 1978. This beer received the nickname "Silver Bullet" because of its attention grabbing silver beer cans.

Due to the Rocky Mountain heritage, uncompromising brewing standards and its dedication to ice cold refreshment, Coors Light is one of the fastest growing light beers around the world. The beer has a "Cold Certified" label, which turns the mountains on the label from white to blue. This indicates when the beer's temperature is lowered to 4 degrees Celsius (39 degrees Fahrenheit).[1]


[edit] History

This brewery was first established in 1873 by Adolph Coors, which originated in Golden, Colorado in the United States. By 1890, Coors had increased annual output to 17,600 barrels, which increased from 3,500 just ten years prior. The Coors Light brand was not introduced by the brewery until 1978. [2] The rocky mountains on the Coors product represent the Colorado origins of the beer. Other beers produced by the brewery are Coors, Killia Red, Zima and Keystone Light. They were eventually purchased by Miller Brewing Company and are now known as Miller Coors. However, this brewery continues to operate in its origins of Golden, Colorado. [3]

[edit] Corporate Responsibility

The brewery and its various beer brands have established many policies surrounding corporate responsibility. One of their most important and successful contributions is the Drunk Driving Prevention program. In 2009, the company set a baseline to encourage 6 million people to think ahead and not drink and drive. Recently, this goal has been updated to a target of 10 million. The company is also a proud sponsor of 1-800-TAXICAB, a toll-free phone number that automatically connects users to various local taxi companies. [4]

[edit] Ingredients and Nutritional Information

The main ingredients for this beer includes water, barley, hops and cereal grains.

For every 12 oz. Coors Light serving, there are approximately 102 calories. In addition, there are 0 calories from fat and any saturated fats. Other contents include 13mg of sodium, 5g of carbohydrates and 0.7g of protein.

In comparison, a 12oz serving of regular Coors beer contains 148 calories. This product contains 12mg of sodium, 11.3g of carbohydrates and 1.2g of protein. Also, it contains 0g of both fat and saturated fat. [5]

[edit] Top Recipes with Coors Light

1. Colorado Crackpipe

   8 oz Coors® Light beer
   8 ozcan Red Bull® energy drink

2. Fuzzy Bullet

   1 can Coors® Light beer
   2 1/2 shots peach schnapps

3. Herbie Hancock

   1 oz Mount Gay® Barbados rum
   4 oz Tropicana® orange juice
   4 oz pineapple juice
   6 oz Coors® Light beer

4. Mr. T Whiskey

   1 cup whiskey
   24 oz(2 x 12-oz bottles) Coors® Light beer
   1 canfrozen pink lemonade

5. Rusty Sheriffs Badge

   6 oz Coors® Light beer
   1/2 oz Grey Goose® vodka
   1/2 ozHennessey cognac
   1/2 oz Kahlua® coffee liqueur


[edit] Promotions

Coors Light is the official beer of NASCAR. [7]

In 2009, a Coors Light koozie depicting scenes from the 2010 Winter Olympics was offered in a limited number of cases that contained 28 bottles instead of 24.

Also in 2009, the Hillside Chalet Contest was created. The winner was given a six-night stay in Whistler, British Columbia, during the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Coors light is an official sponsor of the NHL

[edit] Brand Extensions

Coors Light incorporated the cold indicator after studies concluded 70% of legal-drinking-age men put their beer in the freezer to achieve desired coldness. The cold indicator allowed beer drinkers to know when the beer has reached the desired level of coldness. Coors Light then added a second super cold indicator bar that turns blue when the beer is extra cold. This new two-stage cold activation was launched in May 2011.

Coors Light redefined beer in 2012 with the launch of Coors Light Iced T. Coors Light now offers a light beer with the refreshing taste of tea and real lemon. This is a combination of the two consumed beverages around the world. Coors Light Iced T is brewed the same way as Coors Light beer but with added tea botanicals and natural lemon flavour during the filtration process. Currently Coors Light Iced T is only sold in Canada and was released May 2012. [8]

There have been plenty of other innovations to their product containers over the years. These features include the Cold Activated Bottles, Super Cold Draft, the Vented Wide Mouth Can, the Cold Activated Can and Two-Stage Cold Activation. [9] Other brands include the Super Cold Draft System, Cold Activated Glassware and the 16oz Silver Bullet Aluminum Pint. [10]

[edit] Financial Markets

Molson Coors Brewing Company (TAP) has been listed on the New York stock exchange since its IPO on Sep 7, 1984. The IPO price was $13.63 but, the stock currently trades at approximately $40. The stock price has been relatively stable until late 1997, when the stock price increased substantially. [11] Ever since 1997, the stock has shown significant volatility, along with an increasing trend in its price. The company did not initially offer a dividend but on Jan 26, 1988, the company offered its first dividend of $0.06 per share. The most recent dividend was issued on Aug 29, 2012 at $0.32 per share. [12] There dividend are paid on a quarterly basis, with the option of a cheque as a reinvestment or a Dividend Re-Investment Plan (DRIP).

[edit] Popularity

In 2011, sales of Coors Light in the U.S. surpassed that of Budweiser by approximately a half-million bottles. This made the brand the second most popular beer in the U.S. ending Anheuser-Busch's 20 year dominance of the top two spots. [13]

[edit] Awards and Recognition

The following are notable awards recieved: [14]


  • Customer Loyalty Award (2005)

Great American Beer Festival

  • American-style Light Lager (gold medal, 2008)
  • American-style Light Lager (bronze medal, 2007)
  • American-style Light Lager (silver medal, 2005)
  • American-style Light Lager (gold medal, 1998)
  • American-style Light Lager (bronze medal, 1997)
  • American-style Light Lager (silver medal, 1996)
  • American-style Light Lager (silver medal, 1990)

World Beer Cup

  • American-style Lager (bronze medal, 2010)
  • American-style Light Lager (silver medal, 1998)

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