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Animal Planet is a Canadian English language Category B specialty channel. Animal Planet broadcasts a variety of programming featuring animals and their relationships and interactions with humans.

The channel is owned by a consortium consisting of CTV Speciality Television Inc. (80%) (a division of Bell Media with 80% and ESPN with 20%); BBC Worldwide (10%); and Discovery Communications (10%).


[edit] History

In November 2000, CTV Inc. was granted approval by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to launch Animal Planet, a service described as being "broadly based on family entertainment that will combine high-quality Canadian programming and attractive series and documentaries from Animal Planet in the United States."[1]

On September 7, 2001, the channel was launched under its current ownership structure (with the exception of Bell Media, wherein Bell Globemedia, later renamed CTVglobemedia, owned its shares at the time).[2] To celebrate the launch, Animal Planet brought Ceasar, an 11,000-lb elephant from The Bowmanville Zoo, to the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario for publicity.[3]

On October 5, 2001, CTV announced that Animal Planet was ranked number one in the Adults 18-49 demographic, with a primetime average-minute audience of 4,600.[4]

On December 2, 2004, it was announced that Canada's New Specialty Channels joined together in an industry-wide programming initiative to provide Canadians with digital television services to access more than 40 Canadian digital specialty channels, including Animal Planet. This initiative was designed to encourage Canadians to sample and subscribe to Canadian specialty channels.[5]

On June 30, 2008, Animal Planet unveiled a new on-air appearance, including a new logo and graphics, to align itelf with the American service which had updated its appearance earlier that year.[6]

On September 10, 2010, BCE (a minority shareholder in CTVglobemedia) announced that it planned to acquire 100% interest in CTVglobemedia for a total debt and equity transaction cost of $3.2 billion CAD.[7] The deal which required CRTC approval, was approved on March 7, 2011[8] and closed on April 1 of that year, on which CTVglobemedia was rebranded Bell Media.[9]

[edit] Animal Planet HD

On June 17, 2011, Bell Media announced that it would launch Animal Planet HD, a high definition (HD) simulcast of the standard definition feed, by the end of 2011.[10] The channel launched on December 15, 2011 initially on Bell Fibe TV and Shaw Cable and launched at a later date on Telus Optik TV. [11]

[edit] Coverage

Animal Planet is available in 2.0 million households across Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan,[12] and reaches nearly 1.4 million viewers each week, contributing to the channel being amongst the fastest growing Specialty Networks with a 13% increase in overall audience.[13]

[edit] Current Programming

Animal Planet currently has 38 shows and series in their television programming. [14]

Show Description
2012 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Find out which pooch takes home Best in Show.[15]
Animal Cops Meet the tireless workers who dedicate their life to animal welfare.[16]
Animal House Calls Ann Rohmer and guests answer questions affecting your pet and the wildlife that inhabit our city.[17]
Animal Magnetism This series reveals how animals are helping people and why people have always opened their hearts and homes to animals.[18]
Animal Planet's Freeview Enjoy Animal Planet for FREE for the entire month of December. Contact your television service provider for details.[19]
Animal Planet's Most Outrageous A humorous and entertaining series, highlighting the weirdest, craziest and most wonderful animals on the planet.[20]
Austin Stevens Adventures Austin searches out the deadliest, most venomous and rarest beasts.[21]
Biggest and Baddest Canadian adventurer Niall McCann stars in this original series seeking out nature's most terrifying animals.[22]
Breeder of the Pack Meet these Canadian dog breeders making their mark in the canine world.[23]
Call of the Wildman Call of the Wildman's Turtleman safely reintroduces frisky critters to nature using his self-taught trapping style.[24]
Confessions: Animal Hoarding A docu-reality series that takes an unflinching, honest look at animal hoarding, the people and pets affected.[25]
Deadly 60 Check out the 60 most lethal animals on Earth.[26]
Dogs 101 Dogs 101 is a fun crash course about all things dog.[27]
Eaten Alive Witness harrowing tales of real people who've been viciously attacked by wild animals and lived to tell their story.[28]
Escape to Chimp Eden S2 Chimp Eden is a sanctuary where rescued chimps can recover from the horrors of human captivity.[29]
Finding Bigfoot New series follows the sleuths of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization as they traverse North America in search of the legendary beast.[30]
Frisky Business FRISKY BUSINESS is a furry, fun-loving romp alongside the extraordinary creatures who work with humans.[31]
Gator Boys Meet two men who defy death capturing alligators with their bare hands.[32]
The Haunted The Haunted takes an intimate look at stories of pet owners whose animals act as mediaries of the afterworld.[33]
I'm Alive I'M ALIVE features the death-defying and moving stories of people who - regardless of the obstacles or consequences - were determined to survive an animal attack.[34]
It's Me or the Dog Famous British dog trainer tames wily pups through observation, interviews and secret filming with a "pet cam."[35]
K9 Cops World-renowed St. Paul Police Department K9 Unit deals with the toughest cases and the hardest criminals.[36]
K9 Mounties Follow the 17-week training program at the RCMP's Police Dog Service Training Centre - and watch as the graduates put their training into action in the real world![37]
Life This breathtaking ten-part blockbuster brings you 130 incredible stories from the frontiers of the natural world.[38]
Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom See the world's most exotic locales and discover little-known facts about some of nature's wildest animals.[39]
My Cat from Hell Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy tackles the most catastrophic cat cases he's ever encountered in season 2 of My Cat from Hell.[40]
My Extreme Animal Phobia My Extreme Animal Phobia features desperate adults looking for salvation from their worst - and seemingly ludicrous - fears.[41]
Pit Boss Shorty Rossi's a little person with a tall order. In running a talent management company and put bull rescue, find out why they call him the Pit Boss.[42]
Pit Bulls & Parolees Travel to the remote Villalobos Rescue Center where 200 pit bulls meet six convicted felons on a life-saving journey for a last chance at redemption.[43]
Shark Week Shark Week gets you re-acquainted with these magnificent creatures of the sea – from the science of shark behaviour, to amazing survival stories and up-close encounters with Great Whites. Intelligent, graceful and an undeniably efficient predator, sharks continue to fascinate.[44]
Tanked Wayde and Brett are back and they're making outlandish dream tanks a reality for their fish-loving client.[45]
Ultimate Africa with Jean du Plessis Go on a wild and exhilarating journey throughout east Africa.[46]
Underdog to Wonderdog Underdog to Wonderdog takes that same stray shelter pup and turns its four-legged life completely around.[47]
Untamed & Uncut The series that brings you the most incredible animal encounters ever caught on tape.[48]
Whale Wars The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society takes action against alleged illegal whaling operations.[49]
Whale Wars: Viking Shores The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society try to halt "The Grind," an ancient tradition of slaughtering pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.[50]
WIld Recon Venom expert Donald Schultz is willing to risk his own life to save those of others.[51]
Xtremely Wild with Mark Miller Dive into the trenches of animal research to study some of the world's most dangerous animals.[52]

[edit] Logos

Image:AniPlalogo.png 120px
2001–2008 2008–Present

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