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Permissions and roles

To complete the procedures in this article, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. This often excludes Students and TAs by default. To determine your role, follow the directions in Participant roles.

For a basic understanding of roles and permissions, see Permissions and roles.


[edit] About

This tool allows you to create online assessments (i.e., tests, quizzes, and surveys) for delivery to your students or other groups via a web interface.

The tool's use is mainly to administer tests. It may also be used to gather survey information or informal course feedback.

You may include multiple question types in an assessment, including ones that require your students to upload files. You then can choose how to organize, deliver, and collect that assessment. You can choose to scramble questions so that they appear in a different order for each student. Questions can be organized into question pools, allowing you to re-use questions. You can also import previously created tests and surveys.

Most grading is done automatically. The grades can be posted automatically to the Gradebook.

By configuring an assessment's settings, you can control a wide range of conditions for taking an assessment. Via the settings, you can determine when an assessment will become available, set time limits, determine how many times a student can take an assessment, and indicate whether or not late submissions will be allowed.

[edit] Articles about important Tests and Quizzes elements

[edit] Key Concepts

[edit] Creating a test

When you click Create on the Assessments page, you are naming and setting up the test, and entering the assessment editor. From here, you can go on to create the test content, including questions and the parts (i.e., sections) that will contain them.

  • "Create" allows the user more controls at the time of quiz creation. For example, randomize questions, providing feedback for right or wrong answers.
  • "Markup Text" is much quicker but does not allow tweaking of settings.

[edit] Parts

Every assessment must contain at least one part (i.e., section). Each new assessment will include an automatically created part called "Default". If you do not change the "Default" part's name, its heading (i.e., gray divider) will not appear on your assessment. Any questions or images you place in this part will appear; only the heading will be hidden.

[edit] Settings

From the Assessments page, you can view and modify the settings for all your assessments. Within the settings, you can create an introduction for your assessment, determine its delivery dates and to whom it will be released, set security levels, specify time limits and the number of submissions allowed, add graphics, feedback, and metadata, and determine how the assessment will be graded.

To make your quiz visible to students, be sure to click on "Save Settings and Publish".

More on Test and Quizzes settings can be found in the articles:

[edit] Question Pools

You can organize questions into question pools so that you can reuse them in other assessments. You can subdivide question pools into subpools to organize questions by subject matter, section number, question type, or any other criteria desired. For example, an instructor can create a question pool called "Biology 105", and then create subpools called "Basic concepts", "Cell biology", and "Genetics".

You can share your question pools by clicking share and adding access to instructors associated within a given course. The user needs to be in the course as an instructor in order to share the pools with them.

Note that if you use Question Pools to randomly generate questions you will no longer be able to access Tests & Quizzes Statistics for the results.

[edit] Event Log

The Event Log shows certain student activities for all Tests & Quizzes in the site
The Event Log shows certain student activities for all Tests & Quizzes in the site

The Event Log shows certain student activities for all Tests & Quizzes in the site. It is created and maintained automatically.

Events recorded include (for each participant): when the student started the assessment (date and time), when the assessment was submitted (date and time), duration of the student session in minutes (rounded up to the nearest minute), and whether or not the student clicked the Submit for Grading button to submit the assessment. Note that the Errors column may display either No Errors (User submit) or No Submission if the test was submitted automatically by the system, either when the time expired on a timed test or the Automatic Submission option submitted a student's saved assessment.

Note: There must be existing student submissions in order for data to appear in the event log.

To view event data:

  1. To view data for a certain test or quiz, use the "Filter" menu to choose its title, or use the default value, "All assessments."
  2. You can also search the log data for a certain student by entering the user ID or name in the search field.
  3. Click on a column heading (Title, Name, Entry Date, Date Submitted, IP Address) to sort the entries on that data field. Click again to switch between ascending and descending order.

Note: The Errors column may display either No Errors (User submit) or No Submission if the test was submitted automatically by the system, either when the time expired on a timed test or the Automatic Submission option submitted a student's saved assessment.

[edit] Common Tasks

[edit] Instructors

[edit] Students

[edit] Things to consider and known issues

  • It can take a few tries for students to feel comfortable taking online tests. Consider setting up a practice run in a lab environment.
  • Assume all the issues concerning take-home exams also apply to online tests.
  • Students who do not submit, save their assessment submissions or press Next or Prev within 60 minutes may lose their submissions because of the general inactivity logout
  • Consider linking a test or survey to a Schedule item.
  • The feedback settings for your test can be important. The tool can grade only true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank question types; it can't grade short answer/essay or file upload questions at all. If your assessment includes questions that you'll need to grade by hand, you might prefer that your students not see the results of their automatically graded questions until you have reviewed the whole test.
    Note: You should not use the feedback option in Tests & Quizzes when assessing learning, as it may provide information students can use to correct their answers before submitting a test.
  • If the application times out while a student is working on your assessment, there is a chance the student's work will be lost. The time out settings for the application are determined by the system administrators.
  • Surveys/Quizzes with more than 400 questions/responses often refuse to be exported to Excel etc.

[edit] Some Best Practices For Online Quizzing

  • Higher frequency, but lower stakes quizzes tend to be more appropriate than directly porting face-to-face quizzing to online
  • Create a practice quiz, or "Get to know you" quiz, to allow everyone to experience the Tests and Quizzes tool
  • Select "Saved assessments will be automatically submitted after the due date passes" in the Submissions section of the Settings
    • Chose a retract date or manually Retract Now. The retract date is what forces saved quizzes that are not submitted to be submitted. It is generally recommend to give at least 10% of extra time to allow for unforeseen issues. Late submissions will be marked as late.
  • Try to avoid the Question Layout found in the Assessment Organization section of the Settings "The complete Assessment is displayed on one Web page" the other two options increase the likelihood that Isaak/Sakai will record student work before an issue arises (such as a loss of internet connectivity, a computer or web browser crash or the web browser being confused by the back and forward buttons).
  • Enable the Statistics tool before launching your online quiz or test to provide a method of reviewing some student activity, should their be an issue
  • There is an undocumented limit of 100 items in a single fill-in-the-blank question. After 100 blank items in a question, any further answers are simply ignored by the system.

The Sakai Educational Community License is deemed to be compatible with this site's Project:Copyrights which are under the Creative Commons 2.5 Licence.

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