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Why isn't my course showing in Sakai/Isaak

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There may be a number of reasons why a course is not showing:

  1. You are not officially registered in the course. Check with the student portal at
  2. The instructor has yet to activate the course, this course is in development.
  3. There may in fact be no Sakai/Isaak component for this course.
  4. You have registered for the course less than two business-days ago. The Brock University registration system takes some time to fully process a course registration.
  5. The course may be in the - more - drop-down list
    Extra courses can be found the - more - drop-down list.
    Extra courses can be found the - more - drop-down list.
    You should be able to find all of your courses/tabs either in your first 4 tabs or in the “- more -” drop box. If you'd like to change the order in which the courses/tabs appear or hide some of your courses/tabs you can do so in the My Workspace area under Preferences.
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