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What are limits under the Access Copyright license

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The Access Copyright licence gives Brock University instructors the right to copy works within Access' repertoire (both in print and digitally), provided certain conditions and limitations are respected.

Here are some simple steps to follow to make sure what you want to do is covered by the licence:

Step 1. Check to see if the work is covered by the Access licence:

  1. Use Access Copyright’s online Lookup Tool to see whether a work falls within Access’ repertoire. You’ll need the ISBN/ISSN and the publisher name. If you get a green tick, we can assume the work is in Access’ repertoire. The Look Up Tool is available here:
  2. If the work falls under a library subscription (e.g. an e-journal article), the terms of the subscription apply. You can check what is allowed under library subscriptions by using the Library’s licence database (follow this link for instructions: How can I find out what I can do with articles under library subscriptions). If the work is an e-book held by the Library, contact to find out the e-book licence terms.
  3. If the work is not a published work (e.g. it’s not a book or article), the Access licence does not apply and you should contact to discuss your options.

Step 2. If the work is within Access repertoire, check to see if the amount you want to copy is covered by the Access licence:

  1. If you intend to post the work on Isaak/Sakai, email it to students or include it in a print coursepack, you can copy:
    • An entire newspaper or journal article
    • An entire book chapter (if no more than 20% of the book)
    • A single short story, play, poem or essay from a published work that contains other works
    • An entire entry from a reference work
    • An entire reproduction of an artistic work (e.g. a drawing, painting, photograph) from a published work that contains other works
    • An entire newspaper or journal page.
    • Up to 20% of a work.
  2. If you intend to give the students a print handout or put a print copy on reserve in the Library, the limits are the same, except for the percentage limit, which is capped at 10% of a work.

Step 3. Make sure that you comply with the requirements of the Access licence:

  • Copies should only be uploaded to Issak/Sakai course websites (and not a public website or some other network not under the University’s control)
  • Copies must be made from lawfully obtained works (e.g. you own the book, the Library has a copy of the journal etc. – no getting pirated copies online!)
  • You must not do any cumulative copying from the same work for the same course beyond the 10%/20% limit (e.g. if you wish to post multiple chapters of a book on Isaak/Sakai for one course, you can only do so if the total amount is 20% or less. You can’t copy 10% one week and 15% the next and argue you’re still under the 20% limit).

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