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[edit] Viewing and opening items in Resources

When you click Resources in your site's menubar, you will see a list of items and folders. The following functions are available:

To open or view an item, click its name. You may need to agree to a copyright statement before viewing some material.

To see the contents of a folder, either click its name to enter the folder, or click the folder icon to expand the folder and display its contents in the current list. To expand all folders, click the black arrows to the left of "Title".

Once a folder contains more than 256 items, you cannot expand it by clicking the folder icon. Instead, to view and access its contents, you must click the folder's name. When a folder contains more than 256 items, its icon will change to display an arrow instead of a plus sign (+).

You can navigate between folders using the "Location:" path above the Resources list; simply click a folder name in the path to go to that folder. You can also click the icon of a folder with an arrow in it to go up one level.

You can sort the resources by title (click Title), resource creator (click Created by), date last modified (click Modified), or size (click Size). To reverse the order, click any of these links again.

This article is intended to help individuals using Isaak, Brock University's Sakai-Based LMS. You can search more help articles either by using the "search" box on the left or clicking here. More help articles can also be browsed here.

This article is based on the equivalent Sakai project help article.

The Sakai Educational Community License is deemed to be compatible with this sites Project:Copyrights which are under the Creative Commons 2.5 Licence. You can view the original Sakai help documentation, unedited, at

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