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Example of the TurningPoint Clickers tool in Isaak/Sakai
Example of the TurningPoint Clickers tool in Isaak/Sakai

The Isaak/Sakai TurningPoint Clickers tool can help manage the use of the Turning Technologies hardware and software clickers.

The tool will automatically create a Turning Technology account once accessed by an individual student. In addition, it will allow students to register hardware and/or software clicker ids.

In addition, this tool integrated with the Turning Point 8 software to allow for the download of class lists and the upload of student grades.


[edit] Using the Turning Point 8 Integration as a Course Instructor

The primary use of the integration by instructors takes place in the Turning Point 8 local software. There are multiple options for download that are provided at: TurningPoint Downloads. There are both install versions for your local machine and no-install versions that you can save to your Turning Technologies receiver. The Turning Point 8 software is also available on classroom computers across the campus.

[edit] Downloading a Course from Sakai

1. Open TurningPoint Desktop and sign in to your Turning Technologies Account.

2. Select the Manage tab.

3. Click the Course drop-down menu and select New. The Create Course window opens.

4. Select the Download from LMS radio button and click Create List. The Connect to Integration window opens.

5. Select the appropriate Integration from the Integration drop-down menu.

6. Enter the Server (See Brock server information below).

7. Click Connect.

8. If applicable, select the Institution from the Select an Institution drop-down menu. The Import Course window opens.

9. Select the course or courses to import. Optionally, select the Select All checkbox to import all courses.

10. Click Import. A confirmation box is displayed.

11. Click OK. The course is added to the left panel of the Course Overview screen.

12. Select the course to view the participant information. The imported course contains the following information: device ID, license status, first name, last name, user ID, email.

[edit] Brock Server Information

The Brock specific configuration information is as follows:

Integration: Sakai

Server Address:

Username: Your Brock Username

Password: Your Brock Password

[edit] Using a Sakai Course in TurningPoint

1. Open TurningPoint Desktop and sign in to your Turning Technologies Account.

2. From the Polling tab, select the course and the polling environment. NOTE: A Sakai participant list must be loaded prior to running a session.

3. Run and save the session.

4. Close the polling environment to return to the TurningPoint Desktop Dashboard.

[edit] Exporting a Session to Sakai

1. Open TurningPoint Desktop and sign in to your Turning Technologies Account.

2. Select the Manage tab.

3. Select the participant list and click Results Manager in the lower right corner of the window. NOTE: A Turning Technologies Account license is mandatory. If a participant does not purchase a Turning Technologies Account license, his or her score will show as an asterisk in all TurningPoint Desktop participant reports. Furthermore, his or her score will export as "0" to an Excel workbook and will not be exported to an LMS.

4. Click Integrations. The Connect to Integration window is displayed.

5. Select Sakai from the Integration drop-down menu and enter the Server Address in the box provided.

6. Enter your Sakai Username and Password.

7. Select the institution name from the Institution drop-down box if available and click Connect. The Update with Integration window is displayed.

8. Select Export Session(s).

9. Select the column(s) to be exported and click Export. The Export to Integration window is displayed.

10. Click Export.

Next Steps: Log in to your Sakai account to view the exported results data.

[edit] Enabling the Integration of TurningPoint in Your Sakai Site

Login to Sakai and navigate to the course in question. Then choose Site Info > Manage tools. Scroll to the bottom of the long list of tools and click the Heading labelled "Plugin Tools". This menu lists the external tools we have integrated with Sakai. Check TurningPoint Clickers > Continue. The next page will give you a summary of the new tools you are adding to your site. Choose Finish to complete the process.

[edit] Using the Sakai Integration as a Course Instructor

As a course instructor accessing the tool in Sakai will list the participants of your course who have registered their clicker. As this part of the integration is primarily to allow students to register their clickers there are no other features for instructors.

[edit] Using the Sakai Integration as a Student

1. Log into Sakai.

2. Select your course.

3. Click the TurningPoint Clickers tool on the left hand side of your site.

4. Enter all required fields as noted by the asterisks and click Finish.

5. Enter your license code and device ID in the appropriate boxes and click Redeem or Register.

6. Click Finish. You should have a check mark for license, device, and learning management system.

[edit] Common Student Problems

[edit] I'm Not Receiving a Mark in Sakai

Assuming your clicker is properly communicating with your instructors receiver, this is likely because your grades are not being transferred to Sakai. During the instructors grade upload process only students who are actively licenses will have grades transferred. To ensure your grade is transferred you need to ensure you have an active license attached to your Turning Technologies account. You can verify this by choosing the TurningPoint Clicker tool in Sakai and checking if you see an active license under the "Subscriptions" heading. If you see a yellow exclamation mark instead, you do not have an active license. You will need to purchase a license from the campus bookstore or from Turning Technologies directly before your marks are uploaded to Sakai.

[edit] Missing a License?

If you have an X below License it is because you have not yet applied a license to your account.

1. Log into, select Profile from the left menu and click Manage Licenses. Click Add a License.

2. Enter the code in the License Code field and click Redeem.

3. To purchase a license from the Turning Technologies Student Store visit

4. Purchase your items.

5. Complete Steps 1 and 2 with the purchased code.

[edit] I've Lost My License Code

In order to recover a license code you'll need to provide proof of purchase for the response device to the Turning Technologies support team. Once provided they can generate a new code for you. Their Technical Support Team can be contacted at: 866-746-3015.

[edit] Missing a Device ID?

If you have an X below Device it is because you have not yet registered a device to your Turning Account.

1. After purchasing your device from the University Bookstore, log into to add your device.

2. Select Profile from the left menu and click Manage Response Devices. Click Add a Device.

3. Enter the Response Device ID and click Redeem.

[edit] Missing Learning Management System?

If you have an X below Learning Management System it is because you are not linked to Sakai.

1. Sign out of your Turning Account.

2. Navigate to your Sakai and log in.

3. Select your course.

4. Click the TurningPoint Clickers Tool.

5. Sign into your Turning Account. The check mark under Learning Management System will be visible.

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