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Before you submit your final grades from Sakai please be certain that all of the calculations in your Isaak-Sakai Gradebook are correct. Final grades can be reviewed in the Course Grades section of the Sakai Gradebook.

The Sakai Gradebook’s Course Grades section is also where you can choose Set Ungraded Items to Zero to replace all empty items with a value of zero. Students without marks in specific graded items will have an unweighted blank not a zero which could inflate students overall mark. Blank items can be left purposely so that an item is not weighted against a student, otherwise an item must have a number set to have the item weighted.

Lastly, ensure all items that are to be included in the course grade have been included and if weightings are used, be sure that they are correct.

[edit] Submitting to Brock University's Faculty Gradebook

Instructors can submit grades calculated within Isaak-Sakai by selecting their course through Brock University's Faculty Gradebook in the portal.

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