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Students Drop Box

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The Sakai Drop Box
The Sakai Drop Box
The Drop Box feature allows instructors and students to share documents within a private folder for each student.

[edit] Viewing Drop Boxes and their contents

To view the Drop Boxes available for a course site or project site, in the menubar, click Drop Box. You will see a list of Drop Boxes and/or folders containing them. To view the contents of a Drop Box, click the black triangles to the left of "Title", or click the folder icon to the left of the name of the folder or drop box you wish to expand. (If a folder contains any items not currently being displayed, a plus sign will appear on the folder icon.)

[edit] Uploading Files

Adding Files to the Drop Box.

To add files via the web follow these steps:

  1. "Actions" -> "Upload Files"
    "Actions" -> "Upload Files"
    Inside your course click the Drop Box tool on the left.
  2. Click the "Actions" button beside the folder with your username.
  3. Choose "Upload Files".
  4. Drag or click to locate the file on your computer in the resulting window.
  5. Press "Continue" once you have located the file.
  6. Done: You should now see the file in your folder. You are welcome to click the file to confirm it works or modify it via the "Actions" button.

For more information please see Working with files.

[edit] Uploading Your Files:Video

A 15 second video of how to add a file to Sakai.

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