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This article is a quick reference intended for students
to access as they use Sakai/Isaak.

Main article: Roster

Privacy Concern: Be Careful

This tool is designed to protect your privacy. Please consider the implications of sharing any information you choose to make available.

You can learn more about your privacy at Brock University at

The Roster tool allows you to view the names, photos, and profiles of site participants. A count of site participants is also displayed.

[edit] Key concepts

The roster only shows students and TAs the members of groups they are already in. Only instructors are presented with a list of all participants when they view this tool. At Brock University students enrolled in the same offering of a course (one cross listed course may have two to three offerings) will see each other's basic information.

  • Changing views: To see only members of specific groups or sections, use the "View" drop-down list. (This drop-down list will be visible only if groups or sections exist.)
  • Viewing personalized photos: To view personalized photos that participants of your site have uploaded, at the top of the Roster page, click Pictures.
  • Viewing profiles: To view someone's profile, click the person's name.
  • Adding your photo: You can add your photo by uploading a photo to your Profile in My Workspace then modifying your permissions.

[edit] Things to consider

  • The Roster tool does not allow instructors to add or remove participants from their site. To do this, instructors must use Site Info.
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