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In the Tests and Quizzes tool the one of the options for creating an assessment is to use "markup text". The "markup text" option gives instructors a simple way to use a more natural method of creating questions. Questions can often be created off-line in a word processor like MS Word or Open Office and then later copy and pasted in the Tests and Quizzes tool.


[edit] Creating the Assessment/Pool

  • Enter your course and the Tests and Quizzes tool (or add if it is not there already)
  • Enter in the title of the Test, Quiz or Question Pool and press "Quick Create"
  • The "Create Assessment/Question Pool" page will appear next where you can add an optional description
  • In the "Questions" area of the "Create Assessment/Question Pool" page questions can be added with the following format:

[edit] Question Formatting

[edit] General Instructions

The format of each question must adhere to any one of these methods. The formatting methods, listed in increasing complexity and expediency are:

  1. A number, followed by a period, in which case zero points will be assigned to that question, but updated once the questions have been added to the the Tests and Quizzes tool.
  2. A number, followed by a period, followed by the same parenthetical indication of points to assign, as in '1. (10 points)'.
  3. The word 'Question', followed by a number, followed by the number of points to assign enclosed in parentheses, as in 'Question 23 (10 points)'.
  4. The word 'Question', followed by this same parenthetical indication of points, as in 'Question (10 points)'.
  5. The word 'Question', followed by a number, as in 'Question 1'. In this case, zero points will be assigned to that question.

[edit] Multiple Choice

The text of the question itself may be placed on this same line or below it, and should be followed by answers in the appropriate format for that question type. The parser will use this format to deduce the question type of the question.

Each answer should begin with it's appropriate letter, in alphabetic order. The correct answer(s) should be prefixed with an asterisk (*).


1. (1 points) When did the Toronto Maple Leafs last win the Stanley Cup
*a. 1967
b. 1963
c. 1983
d. Before Stanley owned the cup

[edit] Fill in the Blank / Short Answer

The correct answer should be prefixed with an asterisk (*).

Example, fill in the blank:

2. (1 points) On November 12, 1931 The Toronto Maple Leafs began playing their games
in the newly built ____ with with a 2-1 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks.
*Maple Leaf Gardens

Example, Short Answer:

3. (5 points)
What color is a violet? ____

[edit] Short Essay

No answer should be provided for this question type.


3. (10 points) What is the meaning of life?

[edit] True/False

The correct answer should be prefixed with an asterisk (*). The incorrect answer can also be included, as below, though it is not necessary.


4. (1 points) Syntax is important.

[edit] Additional Information

This tool is also know as Samigo-lite or samlite, or quick markup.

[edit] Additional Resources

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