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Profile permissions

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On your privacy page you can control what parts of your profile other people can see. You can tailor this so that certain information is only available to you, to your connections, or to everyone.

By default your privacy settings in Isaak, Brock University's Sakai-Based LMS, are set so that you must opt into sharing with others.

Profile settings
Profile settings

Privacy Concern: Be Careful

This tool is designed to protect your privacy. Please consider the implications of sharing any information you choose to make available.

You can learn more about your privacy at Brock University at

[edit] To manage your privacy settings

  1. Adjust the settings for each item by selection one of these three options:
    1. Everyone refers to all Brock University community members that have access to Isaak/Sakai.
    2. My Connections refers to Brock University community members that have connections with. These are individuals that have requested to be one of your connections and you have confirmed the connection, or confirmed connections that you have requested.
    3. Only Me Do not share this information, even with my connections. This is not an option for Search or Who can see my status.
  2. Click Save settings when you are finished.

[edit] Individual Settings

  • Profile Image: Choose who can see your profile picture. Choosing Everyone will include your picture in your Forums posts for others to see.
  • Basic Info: Choose who can see your basic information like nickname and birthday.
  • Contact Info: Choose who can see things like your email addresses and phone numbers.
    Your Brock University E-Mail address is added by default.
  • Academic Info: Choose who can see your academic information like school, department or course.
  • Personal Info: Choose who can see your favorite books and tv shows etc.
  • Show Birth Year: Choose whether or not to show or hide your birth year. Ticked means visible.
  • Search: Choose who can find you in searches.
    Your first and last name is added by default.
  • Who can view my connections: Choose who can view your list of connections.
  • Who can see my status: Choose who can see your status updates, this does not limit any access to Twitter if you have chosen to add it to your Profile

These settings take effect immediately.

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