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[edit] About PowerPoint and Sakai

Creating an effective PowerPoint (Power Point) presentation can be challenging enough, let alone trying to include that information into the Sakai or web based portion of your course. These articles will hopefully aid you in understanding the intricacies of this process.

The main considerations are preserving the original layout and content of the PowerPoint Presentation; ease of use for students to review, access, making notes and printing, and how quickly information can be updated. The nature of your course will determine which of the following formats work best.

Adding PowerPoints to Sakai can be simple, but you need to follow a few simple steps that are specific to your computer, software and teaching. This article is intended to help you ready your files for Sakai and upload them using your specific software and computer.

[edit] The common methods of exporting PowerPoint files to Sakai

[edit] PDFCreator/Adobe Acrobat/OS X

This Option is HIGHLY recommended as in most situations it is the easiest and most effective method, both pedagogically and technically.

This Option Saves Your PowerPoint Handout Print-Out As a printable, formatted, document that is the most accurate representation of your PowerPoint slides. After a few quick steps you will have a file which all Computers Can View!

[edit] Export as a Flash Movie

PowerPoint does not directly support this, but the few extra steps this might take results in a YouTube-like video that can be easily played on the web.

[edit] Save as JPEGs

Using the Sakai Presentation tool a series of JPEG slides can be uploaded and presented to students in a slide show format.

[edit] Save a Web Page

[edit] Pure PowerPoint File

Computers with PowerPoint installed can display the actual PowerPoint files. We do caution against this option for a number of reasons which include accessibility, consistency and security.

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