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You can see the number of new messages or forum postings from either My Workspace or your site's Home page. You can also choose to get email notification of new messages or new postings on Forums threads you have contributed to.


[edit] My Workspace

To see if someone has added a new message or forum posting to one of your sites, go to your Home page in My Workspace. Under "Message Center Notifications", you'll see a list of your sites, and the number of new messages and forum postings for each. If there are no new messages or forum postings, you'll see "none" beside your site. (Sites in which neither Messages nor Forums is turned on will not appear in the list.)

[edit] The site Home page

Note: "Message Center Notifications" will only appear on your site's Home page if these tools have been added to your site.

Messages and Forums notifications for each site are also displayed on the site's Home page, where you can access the following functions:

  • Clicking New Messages takes you to the Messages Received folder for that site.
  • Clicking New in Forums or the number of forum messages takes you to the forums for that site.

[edit] Email notifications

To set email notification preferences:

[edit] Messages

Note: You cannot reply to Messages from the forwarded email messages; to reply, go to the Messages tool in your site.

  1. From your site's menubar, click Messages.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Next to "Auto Forward Messages", click Yes. Type the desired email address in the text box provided, and then click Save Settings. This will forward a copy of each message to the email address you entered.
  4. Press Save

[edit] Forums

Forums E-Mail notifications are controlled under Forums > Watch
Forums E-Mail notifications are controlled under Forums > Watch
  1. From your site's menubar, click Forums.
  2. At the top, click Watch.
  3. Select your preferred option:
    • Notify me by email whenever a new message is posted
    • Notify me by email when a thread that I have contributed to receives a new message
    • No notification
  4. Press Save

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