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In order for students to successfully access full-text journals from off-campus, links to resource provided through Omni must be shared based on Omni's citation of permalink sharing tools.

Please keep in mind the University's agreements with journal providers and others do not generally permit the posting of digital copies of journal articles on our web sites, but in almost all cases you may link to them.


[edit] How to create a link

The simplest way to create a link to a journal article is to copy the 'PERMALINK' and simply paste that into Sakai's Resources tool as a link or add it to any of the many areas where students and instructors can share content, such as Lessons, Announcements and Forums.

Omni allows you to generate links to specific works.

  1. Click on the "quotation" icon for any resource:
  2. Select "PERMALINK" and click "copy citation to clipboard" to paste elsewhere.

[edit] Add links to a Sakai

There are two primary methods to share links in Sakai:

[edit] Adding a link to the Sakai Resources Tool

  • In the Resources tool click "Add" button beside the main folder or sub-folder you would like the create the new web link in and choose "Add Web Links (URLs)"
  • Copy-and-Paste in the properly formatted Web Address (URL/Persistent link, etc)
  • Add a title for the link
  • Click Add Web Links Now

[edit] As HTML

  1. Choose one of the Add options in Lessons, Announcements,Forums or Resources.

  2. Type in the bibliographic information or other text (perhaps paste the copied PERMALINK)

  3. Select part or all of the text and select the Link tool in the editor

  4. Paste the PERMALINK in the URL space and press "OK"

  5. Save or Post the content.

[edit] Posting a PDF file of a journal article on Isaak/Sakai

The above instructions for adding a link are almost always a better option.

Some journal providers make no distinction between mediums and allow instructors to distribute copies of journal articles to only their students through links, paper and electronic copies. It cannot be assumed that a journal provider permits the distribution of electronic copies. The Brock University library has provided information on how to identify what uses are permitted for resources found through Omni.

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