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Example of the PickNPlay tool in Isaak/Sakai
Example of the PickNPlay tool in Isaak/Sakai

The Isaak/Sakai PickNPlay tool is powered by Brock University's ShareStream, an video platform that the CPI has contracted to host for Brock University.

The tool can enhance online lecture material and provide a reliable, private method for students to submit video. YouTube is often a great option for these situations, but this tool provides privacy, a measure of access control, and limited protection of ownership rights. Students and instructors often find that the PickNPlay tool is a far simpler way to upload video for their course work.

This tool allows instructors to easily add video content to course pages, maintain a personal content repository, create a synchronized video-slide presentation, and interact with their students using media. Students can also create a personal PickNPlay, submit video assignments, and edit content online.

If you are an instructor or other key member of Brock University's staff and would like to make use of this tool please contact the CPI.

Want to add private video from instructors and/or students to Isaak/Sakai?

If you are an instructor or other key member of Brock University's staff and would like to make use of this tool please contact the CPI.

Full access is limited to eLearning Courses and Courses that are coded as blended or online and those that make use of video-based student submissions.


[edit] PickNPlay Areas

Click Upload Media to add media that only you can access, unless it is marked as public.

[edit] My Workspace

My Workspace contains all media uploaded to any site by you or marked as reusable by others. Click on a media item to view/play it.

Click Upload Media on the far left to add media that only you can access, unless it is marked as public or added to a Course Collection.

[edit] Course Collection

The Course Collection contains all media uploaded to this specific course site. Within the Course Collection, you can view all media you have uploaded, as well as any public media uploaded by others. To make new media available within your site, choose My Workspace, check the box by the video and click "Add to Course".

[edit] Viewing/Playing Media

Individual video, audio, or images can be viewed/played within the context of a Collection or the Course Collection. The Course Collections and your My Workspace provide the ability to search and browse available media.

[edit] Permissions

Permissions and roles

To complete the procedures in this article, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. This often excludes Students and TAs by default. To determine your role, follow the directions in Participant roles.

For a basic understanding of roles and permissions, see Permissions and roles.

Video can be made "public" and embedded almost anywhere. Only instructors and Liaison Librarians can add video by default.

[edit] My Media (or Instructor Access to Site Library Videos)

[edit] Adding Media

Upload new media to the site library
Upload new media to the site library
  • In the appropriate area select Upload Media.
  • Drop/Click to Select Media File: to browse your computer or smart phone for media files that you have already created.
  • Click Upload or Open to start the upload process.
  • Enter a title for the media like My first video
  • You may also want to add a description
  • When ready, press Add Media.
  • A progress bar will notify that the upload is taking place.
  • When the upload is complete you will be asked if you have additional videos to upload, you can respond Yes or No
  • You should see your video in the My Workspace area being transcoded. It will be ready for watching shortly.

[edit] Captions

While the ShareStrem system/PickNPlay tool does support captions they have to be added in a separate process by the CPI, or in other cases an additional tool can be added to a course site. The CPI also has a relationship with a company that provides captioning services and is willing to extend this service to others at Brock University either on a cost recovery basis or to all eLearning courses.

[edit] Embedding Media in other areas of Isaak/Sakai

The ShareStream button in the Rich Text Editor
The ShareStream button in the Rich Text Editor

To embed video from PickNPlay you need to be in a tool like Lessons or Forums or Announcements where you can compose text. A ShareStream button will be present and allow you to search for the videos in the course and add them. Any location where the Rich Text Editor appears, video already uploaded to PickNPlay can be placed there.

To place video from ShareStream PickNPlay:

  • Upload the video as outlined above to PickNPlay AND add the video to the course collection.
    • Once the video is uploaded to My Workspace check the box at the top right of the video or videos
    • Press Add to Course from the menu items above the videos
  • Begin composing text in the location you would like to embed the video in
    Searching for videos already uploaded to the PickNPlay tool ]
    Searching for videos already uploaded to the PickNPlay tool ]
  • From the Rich Text Editor menubar press the red ShareStream button
  • Search for your video or press Display All Files
  • Click the resulting video you would like to place in the text
  • You should then return to the Rich Text Editor where you can save the content

Image:2016-09-02 15-05-48.gif

[edit] Things to Consider

  • Videos with odd numbered aspect ratios (ie. 880 x 797) will take a very long time to add to a Course Collection.
  • There is a 2Gb file size limit for upload.
  • A large file may take an hour or more to upload from off-campus or in WiFi.
  • After content is uploaded it may take several minutes for the content to encoded in the proper format for Playback.

[edit] Related Information

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