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Example of the Media Gallery tool in Isaak/Sakai
Example of the Media Gallery tool in Isaak/Sakai

The Isaak/Sakai Media Gallery tool is powered by the Kaltura Video Platform, an open source video platform that the CPI has contracted their comercial arm to host for Brock University.

The tool can enhance online lecture material and provide a reliable, private method for students to submit video. YouTube is often a great option for these situations, but this tool provides privacy, a measure of access control, and limited protection of ownership rights. Students and instructors often find that the Media Gallery tool is a far simpler way to upload video or record video from their webcam for their course work.

This tool allows instructors to easily add video content to course pages, maintain a personal content repository, create a synchronized video-slide presentation, and interact with their students using media. Students can also create a personal media gallery, submit video assignments, and edit content online.

If you are an instructor or other key member of Brock University's staff and would like to make use of this tool please contact the CPI.

Access is limited to eLearning Courses and Courses

Want to add private video from instructors and/or students to Isaak/Sakai?

If you are an instructor or other key member of Brock University's staff and would like to make use of this tool please contact the CPI.

Access is limited to eLearning Courses and Courses


[edit] Media Gallery Areas

[edit] Media Collections

Media can be pulled from the Site Library and organized into a Collection. A Collection provides the means to group a subset of the site media by topic or category. For example: "Volcanoes", "Chapter 1", "Photo Assignment", or "My Favorites". A Collection has Sharing options for who can view the collection. Once created, available collections will be listed on this page.

Click Add Collection to create a new collection.

[edit] My Media

My Media contains all media uploaded to any site by you or marked as reusable by others. Click on a media item to view/play it.

Click Upload New Media to add media that only you can access, unless it is marked as public and added to a collection or site library.

[edit] Site Library

The Site Library contains all media uploaded to this specific course site. Within the Site Library, you can view all media you have uploaded, as well as any public media uploaded by others. To make new media available within your site, choose Site Library , and follow the instructions.

Click Upload New Media to add media that only you can access, unless it is marked as public.

[edit] Viewing/Playing Media

Individual video, audio, or images can be viewed/played within the context of a Collection or the Site Library. Both Collections and the Site Library provide the ability to search and browse available media. Each media item has options to be hidden, public, shared, or admin only.

[edit] Navigating Videos

The first six videos are displayed in the Site Library. To access more than six a viewer will have to navigate through the next or previous links or to expand the number of videos displayed on each page.

[edit] Permissions

Permissions and roles

To complete the procedures in this article, you must be assigned a role having the necessary permissions. This often excludes Students and TAs by default. To determine your role, follow the directions in Participant roles.

For a basic understanding of roles and permissions, see Permissions and roles.

By default all participants can see "public" video. Only instructors and Liaison Librarians can add video.

Instructors can allow other roles to add video through the Permissions area.

[edit] My Media (or Instructor Access to Site Library Videos)

[edit] Adding Media

Upload new media to the site library
Upload new media to the site library

Media can be added to either the Site Library or the My Media area.

  • In the appropriate area select Upload New Media.
  • Choose one of three options
    1. Upload: to browse your computer for media files that you have already created.
      • Click Browse to locate the existing video file on your computer. You may repeat this a number of times.
      • Click Upload to start the upload process.
    2. My Content: to search your current content already added to the media gallery or shared by others to re-add or oranize the media
      • Enter a phrase and click Search to find the existing item
      • Press the + icon to add one of the results. You may repeat this a number of times.
      • When ready, press Next.
    3. Webcam: Allows you to record directly from your computer's web cam.
      • You will have to allow flash to access the web cam already attached to your computer.
      • Press Record when ready to start recording. Stop when you are done.
      • You can press Play to review and Record to add more.
      • When ready, press Next.
  • Add the appropriate titles and descriptions.
  • Press Next.
  • You are done! Press Finish to return to the library.

[edit] Existing Media

For video, once selected, you have the options to:

  • Download - Download a copy of the source media to your computer for archival purposes or to play in something other than the web browser.
  • Embed Code - Source HTML code to embed into other areas of Isaak/Sakai or the web. This will only work with "Public" files.
  • Edit Details Modify:
    Example of the details that can be edited in the Site Library
    Example of the details that can be edited in the Site Library
    • The title of the video
    • The description
    • Add tags for categorization
    • Mark the file as Public to other members of the site, or embed-able on the rest of the internet.
    • Mark the video as reusable media and able to be placed into other Isaak/Sakai content.
    • Mark the video as Clippable media that can be trimmed or clipped to create new media.
  • Remove Remove the video from either a collection or delete it entirely

[edit] Captions

While the Kaltura system/Media Gallery tool does support captions they have to be added in a separate process by the CPI. The CPI also has a relationship with a company that provides captioning services and is willing to extend this service to others at Brock University either on a cost recovery basis or to all eLearning courses.

[edit] Embedding Media in other areas of Isaak/Sakai

  1. In the Media Gallery tool select Embed Code option below the media you are viewing.
  2. Copy the embed information (select all and right-click and choose "Copy") The start of the source code should start with either <embed or <object These or similar techniques should work for most video sharing sites.
  3. Create the context for your video: Choose Post new thread in Forums, or in Resources select where you would like to add the video and choose "Add" > "Create HTML Page". In the Lessons tool you can Add Content > Add Text.
  4. Click the Source button in the content editor (typically top left of the editor).
  5. Paste the embed code in the content area (right click and choose "Paste") and then press Continue
  6. Fill in the "Name" of the video and any other information that is relevant
  7. Press Finish

[edit] Things to Consider

  • There is a 2Gb file size limit for upload.
  • A large file may take an hour or more to upload from off-campus or in WiFi.
  • After content is uploaded it may take several minutes for the content to encoded in the proper format for Playback.
  • You cannot upload video from an iPad or iPhone, or related mobile device.

[edit] Related Information

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