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Instructors have the option to create Joinable Sites in Isaak/Sakai.

Built from regular non-brock "Ad Hoc" courses, a Joinable Course is an Ad Hoc course that the instructor has deliberately marked was accepting new participants. An example might a course for skill development that an group at Brock University would like to offer to any interested student; by creating an Ad Hoc course and marking it as joinable it is published to the list of Joinable Sites in the Membership tool. Interested students can browse the Membership tool, find the course and click to join the site independently of anyone else's involvement.


[edit] Requesting a Joinable Ad Hoc Courses

Instructors (Faculty, Staff and TAs) with working Isaak/Sakai accounts can request an Ad Hoc course space in Isaak, Brock University's Sakai-based system, by going to and selecting "Instructors: Click here to request a site". Instructors will be asked to enter their CAMPUS ID and password to log-in then choose "Request an Ad Hoc Course" to begin the process.

[edit] Publishing an Ad Hoc Course

Example of the Site Info > Manage Access section of a Joinable Site
Example of the Site Info > Manage Access section of a Joinable Site

When the instructor for an Ad Hoc course is ready the Instructor can publish a site by following these steps:

  • Go to Site Info on the left.
  • Choose Manage Access.
  • Check-off publish site.
  • Check-off Can be joined by anyone with authorization to log in
    • Choose a role for new participants to be added in.
  • Press "Update" at the bottom of the page.
  • Confirm the site is published by making sure the "Unpublished Site (Publish Now)" message is no longer at the top.

[edit] Join Open Sites

[edit] Join a Site

To join a course or project site:

  1. In Home, from the menubar, click Membership.
  2. Click Joinable Sites to see a list of all the available sites that you haven't joined. If you'd like to join any of them, click Join.
    • The list is sorted by name, but the search box found at the top right will allow searching for a specific course.
  3. To search for a particular site or group of sites:
    1. Enter your search terms in the Search box.
    2. Click Search. Simply pressing Enter will not initiate the search.
    3. Click Join to join the site you were searching for.
    4. After you click Join the course you have just joined will no longer be listed, however, you will see the site you just joined if you click My Active Sites at the top of the page.

[edit] Unjoin a Site

Only sites that are not associated with the Brock University course calendar can be unjoined in Isaak/Sakai. Students who want to leave a formal Brock University course will have to do so within the portal or directly through the Registrar's office or a departmental advisor.

To unjoin a course or project site:

  1. In My Workspace, from the menubar, click Membership.
  2. Under "My Current Sites", you'll see a list of all the sites to which you belong. (This includes sites you have joined, and sites that you have been added to as a participant by the creator of the site.) If you'd like to unjoin any of them, click the corresponding Unjoin link.

[edit] Things to consider

  • The Site Info > Import from Site will not allow the merging of participants between Brock courses and ad hoc courses.
  • There is no notice for course instructors when new students join. Instructors should consider small assessments and the Resources tool's selective release options for revealing content.
  • There is no way to block an individual from joining an open site, however you can add an individual to the list of participants and mark that individual as inactive.

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