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This a growing document that has received input from members of the CPI and the director of the Additional Qualification for Teachers department at Brock University.


[edit] Best Practices

  1. Files/Resources
    • Delivery-based (one-time) content should be done in tools like Forums, Announcements or contained to a separated folder in Resources. Content that will be required for future delivery of a course should only be modified if the change will persist.
    • File types:
      • Content that will not be modified by students
      • Content that will need to be modified by students
        • RTF is an standard that almost-all word processors support and is not know as a vector for viruses. It is best used when the learner is required to fill out a form.
        • Forms allows for student input to be taken-in and possessed in Isaak: Brock's Sakai-Based LMS
      • Please avoid the use of "pure" MS Word or PowerPoint Files[1]
  2. Assessment should be
    • Ongoing
    • Authentic
    • Criterion-based
    • Assessments should be used for, of and as learning
    • Assignments and Tests should be collected with the Assignments tool or the Tests and Quizzes tool to ensure records are kept and privacy is maintained. [2]
    • Grades should only be returned or discussed in person of via the Gradebook tool. [2]
  3. Communication & Feedback
    • All communication should take place inside the LMS. In tools like Mail, Forums, Announcements
      • Secondary communications should make use of Brock email- -- For help setting up Brock E-Mail on your computer you should contact the ITS Help Desk at 905 688 5550 xt 4357 or about using Thuderbird or Brock's VPN.
      • Using personal email home or web-based (sympatico, cogeco, yahoo, hotmail, gmail, etc.) is strongly discouraged and is considered a last resort
  4. Creating Groups
    • Make use of the Roster tool and and the Group Manager rather then trying to maintain a static file

[edit] About Brock University services

[edit] Brock portal-

  • As of September 2008, access to LMSs on campus will be based on your campus computer account (not your student number)
  • Where students register for courses at Brock
  • Instructors with completed contracts will have access to class lists through the portal=>My Work=>Class lists
  • Access may vary depending on contract terms
  • Provides wireless access on campus
  • Password must be reset every 120 days

[edit] Isaak: Brock's Sakai-Based LMS

  • Brock University is now is Sakai as it's primary LMS, Brock's Sakai System has been implemented to be more stable and reliable than WebCT was
  • Courses may have references to WebCT, these should be updated to either refer to Sakai or "Brock's LMS" or "The LMS"

[edit] E-Mail (if you are using it)

  • Brock email can be accessed via at anytime from anywhere with only your Brock University CAMPUS ID and passowrd.
  • For help setting up Brock E-Mail on your computer you should contact the ITS Help Desk at 905 688 5550 xt 4357 or about using Thuderbird or Brock's VPN.

[edit] Check List for Starting a Course

  1. Review all the content in areas like Resources, Forums, Assignments, Tests and Quizzes and Schedule
    • Look for:
      1. Correct Dates
      2. Correct Information
      3. Links are valid and working
      4. Confirm that the information is relevant
  2. Update/create your own personal introduction in the Resources or Forums tool.
  3. Check that all assignments that correspond with course outline are present and have proper grading scheme
  4. You may want to prepare and send a welcome Announcement or Message
  5. Publish any "DRAFT" Forums/Topics in Forums and Tests and Quizzes (if you are using them)

If there are any issues please correct them or notify the appropriate individual.

If you're already to go you may want to active your course early, here's how that can be done: Publish a Site

[edit] Notes and References

  1. Internet Explorer blocks MS Office files and cause issues with students accessing the, as per
  2. 2.0 2.1 As per Brock University's requirements under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act,
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