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Implementation Plan

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Here is rough outline of the implementation plan for Brock's Sakai based system. This project has a lot of very skilled and pragmatic people working on it and as such what follows is a rough outline that is subject to interpretation as the dates approach and circumstances present themselves.

You may also be interested in reading about the Pilot of Sakai at Brock University.


On-going issues


Sakai-based system needs to be named. A naming contest has been initiated to collect names to be voted on by a panel of judges, Dr. Lightstone, and one member from the ITS and the CTLET and each faculty. The prize will be an 8GB iPod Nano. Submissions can be made at:


Most-recent versions of courses will be converted to a Sakai-based system before WebCT is de-activated. Proposed model is students will be hired to convert courses, with one student being responsible for one faculty in the assumption that content knowledge will be more relevant than technical skills. The CTLET will provide training and supervision.


CTLET will do one-on-one support for both Sakai and WebCT throughout the transition. This web site contains resource documents and training video and workshops are being delivered to instructors.

Time line

March 19th, 2008

  • delayed to May 14th 2008
  • Senate: Announce move to open source/Sakai-based system.

Mid April, 2008

  • Hardware ordered and delivered.

May, 2008

  • New Sakai system - Configure the system.
  • Spring courses can be delivered via Sakai via pilot system, contact Mclare to have your course added
  • CTLET et al will start documenting the Sakai-based system via wiki

Summer, 2008

  • Some Lab Advisors/Help desk trained on Sakai.
  • Start of summer duration, launch of new Sakai-based "production" system
  • CTLET to run short(er) information sessions on Sakai-based system.

August 2008

  • CTLET starts instructor training for Sakai-based.
  • Students will be hired via Experience Plus to work on converting courses to the new Sakai-based LMS, more at Conversion plan
  • With exceptions, all “new” courses will be on Sakai, not WebCT.

September, 2008

  • FW 2008 courses are on both WebCT and Sakai-based system, hopefully 40% of courses are on the sakai-based system.

Winter, 2009

  • Progress evaluated
  • ITS will re-evaluate the system and simulate future load.

Spring/Summer, 2009

  • WebCT/Blackbaord no longer an option for instructor to create courses
  • Isaak, Brock University's Sakai-Based LMS, is now the only LMS which new courses can be created in
  • Anticipated update to the Sakai Project's Sakai CLE (Sakai CLE 2.6)

August, 2009

  • CTLET instructor training for Sakai.

July 1st 2009

  • In preparation for the final shutdown of WebCT at Brock University, access to the WebCT systems will be closed as of July 1st 2009.

July 31 2009

  • WebCT license expires, Sakai-based system becomes the only LMS at Brock

More information

If you would like to know more about Brock University's transition to it's new Sakai-Based LMS Isaak please continue to browse this wiki, read the conversion plan/report or contact the CTLET. -- Mclare

Brock University has also contributed to the Sakai Project's collection of case studies:

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