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Much of the information instructors add to Isaak-Sakai can be exported for archival and reuse purposes. Content can easily be moved to a new course or project site through the Import From Site process. Here is how information can exported out of each tool in each site.


[edit] Exporting Content from Resources or Dropbox

Many items in Resources can be selected and compressed into a single ZIP file.

Click Actions, then Compress Zip Archive.
Click Actions, then Compress Zip Archive.

To create a ZIP file in Resources or Dropbox:

  • Select the Resources tool from the Tool Menu of your site.
  • To the right of the folder you want to zip archive, from the Actions drop-down menu, select Compress to ZIP Archive.
  • This creates a zip file. The zip file contains a copy of all of the subfolders and files inside the selected folder.
    Note: The zip file is named the same as the Resource folder that was compressed. By default, the zip file is placed inside of the root folder of the site.
  • The single zip file can then be downloaded

Note that items added to your Resources tool as web links may not be properly saved while using this method.

[edit] Exporting Content from Gradebook

  • Log-in to your course and enter the Gradebook.
  • At the top of the Gradebook, click the Import Grades link.
  • Follow the three steps on the page
    1. Download Spreadsheet Template by choosing Download Spreadsheet Template for Excel or Download Spreadsheet Template as CSV
    2. Edit the spreadsheet in your favorite spreadsheet application, such as Excel, and save it as a CSV or XLS file.
    3. Import the Spreadsheet by clicking Choose File, then browsing to select the file you saved in step 2, then click Import Spreadsheet.

[edit] Exporting Content from Lessons

Go to Lessons.

Click on the Lessons Page Title (e.g. Unit #1) in the Tool Menu to display the page.

Note: You must be on a top-level page to export Lessons content.

Click More Tools, then Export CC.

Image:Click More Tools, then Export CC.png

From the More Tools drop-down menu, select Export CC to display the Export IMS Common Cartridge dialog.

Click Download.

Image:Click Download.png


If your Lessons include a link to a quiz that draws questions from a question pool, check the Include all question pools you can access as a test bank option.

If the Lessons are destined for use in Moodle or Blackboard LMS, check the Use old version of file option.

[edit] Exporting Content from Assignments

All Assignments submissions, grades and feedback can be downloaded in one ZIP file for each assignment in a site.

  • Click Grade beneath the assignment’s title.
  • You will see a list of students who have submitted work for the assignment.
  • Beneath the title bar, click Download All.
  • You may choose All to select all of the download options, or select only some of them by placing a check mark next to an individual item or items. The options available for download are:
    • All
    • Student submission text (original student submitted text, possibly containing instructor added comments)
    • Student submission attachment(s)
    • Grade file (grades.csv file at top level of archive)
    • Feedback text (the inline comments with student submission)
    • Feedback comments (comments.txt file if available in student's folder. Comments are put into the Instructor Comments field for each student's submission)
    • Feedback Attachment(s)
  • Click the Download button to save the files your computer. The assignment files will download as an archive file, or .zip file to your local computer.

This will compile all of the submissions into one folder for that assignment. You will be able to review all of the submissions from your computer.

[edit] Exporting Content from Test & Quizzes

The export will create a new file on your system, suitable for saving for further use or porting to another IMS-compliant system.

  • Select the assessment.
    Image:Select the assessment.png
  • Use the drop-down menu next to the assessment title. Click Export.
  • Choose the export type and export.
    Image:Choose the export type and export.png
    1. Select the export type. Your choice will depend not only on whether you wish to capture links and attachments, but also on the import capabilities of the intended destination.
    2. Click the Export button.
  • Save (download) the file to your own system. The exact prompts and steps will depend on your browser, but you may be prompted for the action to take. The resulting file can be stored for later import.

[edit] Exporting Content from Forums

The Forms tool provides the biggest challenge for exporting content out of Sakai, or even site to site within Sakai. The Forums tool demonstrates why sites should not be immediately be deleted after the term ends.

Two strategies for exporting this content are:

  • Display Topic
  • Stats and Grading

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