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How can I find out what I can do with articles under library subscriptions

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  1. Go to the Library’s A-Z list of e-journals -
  2. Search or browse for the journal you wish to use
  3. Click on the SFX icon (looks like an S in a circle) next to the journal title
    Brock E-Journals Listing
  4. Confirm whether article can be posted on CMS (“Course Management System”, e.g. Isaak/Sakai) or whether you can link to it.
    Brock E-Journals Listing
  5. You can click on CMS/CoursePacks/Link/Print for an explanation of what each refers to.
    Brock E-Journals Listing
  6. If CMS is 'yes', post away. If CMS is 'no', but you see a 'yes' to linking, you can link to the work instead. For tips on how to create stable (“persistent”) links (which can be accessed off-campus and which work, even if the publisher rearranges its website), visit or contact Library Reserves or your Liaison Librarian.

Isaak/Sakai Related Copyright Information

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