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This is a quick summary

This article is a quick reference intended for students
to access as they use Sakai/Isaak.

Main article: Blogger

What follows is a brief summary of what most students should do when adding to the Blogger tool for a class. This may vary from what your instructor has assigned for you.

[edit] Important Considerations

  • Access settings for blog postings
    Access settings for blog postings
    Individuals can create their own posts, and by default only that individual can read them. If the creator of the posting changes the "Access" level of their post from PRIVATE to SITE then all participants can read postings. The poster can also choose to allow comments.

[edit] Create a New Blog Posting

  • Click Blogger on the Tool Menu Bar, then click New to open the Post Editor page
  • In the Title field, type in a title for the page
  • In the Keywords field, type in any keywords (separated by commas) for use by the Blog tool search engine
  1. Type in a description of the Blog in the Abstract box – this will appear on your Blogger tool home page under the title
  • Select the Access setting:
    • Private: only you will be able to view the blog
    • Site: anyone with access to the site can view the blog
  • Check the box as to whether guests can Read Only or Allow Comments;
  • In the editor window, select the Text tab and enter your content (text, images, links, tables, etc.), then click the Add to Document button; the new entry will be listed at the bottom of the Post Editor page under Current Structure.

If you do not click the Add to Document button before saving the page, a message will appear:
“You have modified the document, but you have not saved the changes. Press OK to return to the editor. Press Cancel to ignore this message.” Click OK, click Add to Document, and then continue.

  • Click the Save button on the Post Editor page to save this page; the new page will now be listed on the Blogger home page. If you do not click the Save button your changes will be lost.
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