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Guide to copyright and Isaak

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This article is indented to help students and instructors use Isaak/Sakai in a way that respects Canadian copyright.

[edit] Access Copyright Licence

After careful review, in 2012 Brock University signed the Access Copyright model licence (see email announcement from the Provost). For information on what this means for you, please review the following information:

  • What the Access Copyright licence means for me as a Brock instructor–Brock fact sheet
  • What the Access Copyright licence means for me as a Brock student– Brock fact sheet
  • Print and Digital Copying Guidelines for copying under the Access Copyright licence–Access Copyright summary
  • Question & Answer sheetregarding Access Copyright licence – produced by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC).

[edit] List of helpful articles

Guide to copyright and Isaak/Sakai

Articles in the Isaak/Sakai wiki answer questions such as:

When is it OK to post your own material | When does material fall out of copyright | What constitutes an insubstantial portion of work | How does copyright work for Canadian, Ontario, or US government materials | How can I find out what I can do with articles under library subscriptions | Isaak/Sakai Resources tool's Copyright Status options | What are limits under the Access Copyright license

More Information on Brock University's Web Site:   Brock University Copyright Information Site | Brock Copyright FAQ ] | Contact the CPI for help

For further information, please visit the Brock University Copyright Information Site or contact the University’s Copyright Coordinator at

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