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EXplorance Blue Online Evaluation Process

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This document outlines Brock University's process of online evaluation with Explorance Blue. Additional information including instructor FAQs and technical steps, is available at

If you have any questions related to this information, please contact the CPI at or extension 4734 while on campus.


[edit] Requirements gathering (usually start of term)

  • Departments across campus optionally opt into the offering of online course evaluations for all courses within the respective department.
  • Courses which use a fully online delivery format or for which traditional course evaluation is impractical may automatically be eligible for online evaluation.
  • With consultation among a department, an evaluation point person is optionally selected to support course instructors with configuration of evaluations.
Course Evaluation Processes  Accessible Version
Course Evaluation Processes Accessible Version

[edit] Months or weeks prior to evaluation start

  • With input from specific academic departments and support from CPI, departmental course evaluation forms are converted to a digital format for online delivery.
  • A message is sent to instructors of courses that are to receive online evaluation which provides access to Instructors are provided with features to
    • add personalized questions;
    • adjust evaluation delivery dates; or
    • opt out of online evaluation.
  • A similar message is sent to departmental Chairs or selected designates of departments that have opted in, informing them that online evaluations are to take place for specified courses. As appropriate in some cases, point people for course evaluations are established by departments which require technical permissions to add personalized questions, adjust dates, or opt specific courses out of the evaluation process.

[edit] Evaluation starts

  • Students within courses receiving online evaluation are sent a notification via Brock email that evaluation is open. This message will provide a link to where evaluation can be accessed.
  • Students can optionally access all available online evaluations via a tool within selected Sakai course sites.
  • Instructors can choose to view response rates for evaluations of their courses during evaluation period.
  • Departmental Chairs or designates can choose to view response rates during evaluation period.
  • Students that have not submitted responses receive several reminders messages via Brock email.

[edit] Evaluation completes

  • After deadline for submission of final grades passes, instructors gain access to evaluation reports via, the same access point that was used to add custom questions, adjust dates, or opt courses out of online evaluation.
  • Instructors that wish to share results are able to download reporting or response data from this location and can choose to send via Brock email or other secure digital methods.
  • Per the BUFA Collective Agreement Article 12.7d, results of course evaluation remain the property of the course instructor.
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