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Creating a Student Folder in Resources

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Instructors can create a folder for students to upload items to the Resources tool. This can be a useful way for students to share files with others in the site. However, the Lessons tool's Student Pages functionality is likely the best place for students to share ideas and artifacts from around the web and that they created.

Any regular folder in the Resources tool can be modified to allow students to add items to it by editing the folder permissions. Folders can also be limited to only allow access to individuals in specific groups set-up through Manage Groups.

Here are the steps for an instructor to create a folder for students to add items too.

[edit] Creating a Folder

  • In the Resources tool click "Add" button beside the main folder or sub-folder you would like the create the new folder in and choose "Create Folders"
  • Give the folder a name
  • Click "Create Folders Now"

[edit] Folder Permissions

Example of the permissions for a folder that would allow students to share items via the Resources tool.
Example of the permissions for a folder that would allow students to share items via the Resources tool.
  • Next to the folder in which you want to manage permissions,from the Actions menu, choose Edit Folder Permissions.
  • Check or the boxes to grant the permissions based on participant role. To allow students to add their own items and only modify their own items:
    • Create resource
    • Read resource
    • Edit own resources
    • Delete own resources
  • Click Save. To change your selection, click Cancel.

[edit] Direct Student to Add Items to The Folder

Instructors can direct students to this article for Uploading files to Resources‎.

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